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Urban Decay vs Illamasqua - Makeover Battle!

It was my cousin's wedding several weeks ago and I decided to go for a makeover for two of the big occasions. Then I had to decide which brand and on which day; so I was very lucky when I got an invite to try out a makeover at the Illamasqua concession and then received a voucher to get a makeover at Urban Decay. To say I was delighted, was putting it mildly! 

So I decided on Illamasqua for the first ceremony and Urban Decay for the actual wedding day.
As you can tell by the picture above, they ended up being two VERY different looks and that just shows the magic of what makeup can do.

The Illamasqua makeover (on the right in the pic above) was first and I had Jerrad as my Make Up Artist. He was very through and took 2 hours to not just talk me through the products but transform me into a swan. I really like the look he created and the smoky eye was the best I have ever had. My stand out products were the Hydra Veil and the Neutral Palette. Hydra Veil is put on before makeup, it is a rehydrating gel and comes in a huge jar. You only need a pea size amount, so the 30 pounds will go a long way. I love it because it is also a primer and it felt amazing on my skin. The Neutral palette's shades were amazing, every single one could be worn all at once or by itself.

 I turned up bare faced and ugly duckling-esque

All the products lined up in a precise fashion, which I personally love.

This was the finished product, taken from Jerrad's Instagram.

The Urban Decay makeover (the one on the left in the pic right on the top) was second, was used for my cousins actual wedding day and my Make-Up Artist was Saffy Anne. I took a picture of the look that I wanted (shown below), it was of Deepika Padukone, a Bollywood Actress that I adore.

I showed Saffy the picture of what I had in mind and we spoke about how she would adapt this to my eye shape and how she would combat my fear of wearing a heavy lip and eye. She told me that it is all about how the eyes are done and not what colours you use. Saffy also used only four shades for my eyes and she was a wiz at completing the whole look in 1 hour. My stand out products were the B6 Vitamin Spray because it felt ultra refreshing and perked me right up. And the other product was the Naked Flush Double Ended Brush because you won't ever need another brush for blusher, one end is for blusher and the other end is for contouring, genius. I really advise researching and taking a picture of what you want.

 All the products used.

 All the eyeshadows used

 The final look

My look at the wedding. It was a shame I didn't get a selfie at the other ceremony but that one was very hectic and rushed.

Overall, I really recommend getting makeovers if you are wanting to spend alot of money. The makeovers are £25 for the Urban Decay one and £30 for the Illamasqua (please double check these prices at your concession) and the price is redeemable against products. So you can get what you want and get a free makeover. Awesome! I highly recommend Saffy at the Urban Decay concession in Debenhams or Jerrad at the Illamasqua concession in Selfridges.

Look out for my Bobbi Brown and Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Makeovers!!

Also a big thanks you to the lovely MUAs and to Rose for setting up my Illamasqua makeover.

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