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Whilst I was at Westfields London, I came across a Neal's Yard store and of course, I had to have a gander.

I first tried these products when I went for a facial at Crystal Beauty Lounge, I loved how nourishing and pure the products were. 

I brought the Dry Skincare Kit, which consists of a Daily Moisturiser, Facial Oil, Toner and Facial Wash. It cost 15 pounds, which is quite reasonable as that would normally only get you one product. This kit, in particular, has an orange scent. There are kits also available for Oily & Combination, Normal, Age-Defying and Award Winning Skincare.

I get annoyed when I buy beauty products and then have to surf the web to find how the hell to use them, so I was happy that behind the kit's box, there was a nice summary of how to use the products.

First up, the Facial Wash was a pleasant surprise. It was very gentle yet it cleared my skin of all dirt and grease, especially when I used it with a hot cloth. I found the Toner strong and it definitely should not be applied near the eyes but it did the job nicely and I felt it helped to calm my skin after exfoliation.

Next the Moisturiser, I found it a little more watery than I thought it would be but the scent was gentle and once body heat interacted with the cream, it thickened up nicely and hydrated my skin perfectly for the whole day. When I applied the a couple of drops of the Facial Oil to this Moisturiser, it felt thoroughly luxurious but not too greasy or oily and made the perfect base for makeup.

I have been using the products for around two weeks, they have made my skin beautifully hydrated and clean and they will be perfect for the upcoming colder months. You don't need alot of the product so they are still going strong, so if I eventually buy a standard size of the products I reckon they would last me months. Out of all the products I used, I especially love the Facial Oil and Moisturiser combo. 

Have you tried this brand? What did you think?

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