Bistro 1847 Birmingham

I was invited along to a tasting at Bistro 1847 by Paul Fulford and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.

The restaurant is based within the Great Western Arcade in Birmingham City Centre, which is opposite Birmingham Snow Hill on the one side and House of Fraser on the other. 

I have never been here before and was excited to see what this place had to offer.

It is a quaint but modern restaurant with a lively jazzy vibe.

We gave the head chef, Alexander Claridge, carte blanche on the menu choices but I for mine to be dairy free.

Banana and peanuts = my favourite combo and I couldn't believe I was served flavours I loved so much.


As you can see from the pictures above, it wasn't just good food but it was also works of art. Locally resourced editable flowers were used on alot of the dishes, that made look very pretty and gave him that level up. All the ingredients were picked specifically because they fuse so well together. I loved that everything was vegan and that I got through 6 courses. It was a lovely night trying out dishes that aren't even on the menu.

It was interesting to find out that Alexander was linked to The Warehouse Cafe once upon a time,  which is my favourite place. They are very similar because they both only offer veggie and vegan food but Bistro 1847 is high end, whereas Warehouse Cafe is all about comfort food.

I cannot wait to go back to Bistro 1847 and do a proper review.

Thank you to both Paul and Alexander for the amazing food and invite.

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