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Karen Millen is not a store/brand that I would normally visit but I was invited to try out the Personal Styling Sessions that they offer and wanted to see what the brand, store and service was all about.
I haven't been to the store because I feel it was too luxurious for me and had this preconceived notion that it wasn't a style fit for me, jeez was I wrong about that.
*This post is very image heavy but keep scrolling for my styling session*
The Personal Stylist, Elca, started by showing me round the shop. I quite liked how the store was organised in trends and how there was a section just dedicated to them. Also, I saw the pride that Elca had in the store and her knowledge about the brand and trends was astounding; there wasn't a question she couldn't answer. In the pic above is an image, that is at the front of the store, of their latest campaign that features Sophie Turner from Game of Thrones. The advert is quite clever because it shows the journey of the campaign, how they gave clues at first and then revealed who it was.

The pictures below are of what I saw in the store and of what I liked, it is funny how Elca had already picked out most of them for me.
The jewellery was very understated, classy and high quality.

Whilst having a look around, Elca asked me to pick up anything that I liked. However, prior to the session, Elca had asked me a few questions about what I wanted from it, what my style was like and my sizes.

I asked for items that could be added to a capsule wardrobe and using the information I had provided, Elca had a rack of clothing (in image above) ready for me to try; many of which I had liked from looking around the store.

This is the first outfit that I tried on was a Fringed Pocket T-Shirt (£55) and Check Mohair Mini Skirt (£115), which went really well with my tights and Dr Martens.

I really like this outfit, especially because it is not something I would normally wear but it reminded of what I used to wear when I was younger. I liked the pattern and colour of the skirt, I am used to seeing skirts like this in red but not in this shade of cobalt blue. The t-shirt was nice and casual, in a lovely soft material and the pocket detail makes it a little more dressy and perfect with a pair of jeans for a casual lunch or night out. I also don't see these items ageing and think they fit perfectly into a capsule wardrobe.

Fringed pocket tshirtCheck mohair mini skirt
(These two images were taken from the Karen Millen website)

Next was this Dot Bandage Knit Dress (£160), that reminded me of the infamous Hervé Léger's dresses. What surprised me was how comfortable it was, how it fit like a glove and how skinny I looked. But the best thing about it was the colour, anyone that knows me knows I love red and this definitely satisfied my desire.

Again, the dress fit perfectly into my idea of a capsule wardrobe whilst being sexy and high quality.

Dot bandage knit dress
(Image taken from the Karen Millen website)

Next was the red and black Woven Stripe Dress (£160), which reminded me of Dennis the Menace. What you can't see in the pic is the material. It was quite shiny, soft and can hide a multitude of body hangups. I liked the neckline and belt of this dress and of course the colour. But I couldn't see myself wearing this over and over, even though it is timeless. I think I would get bored of the stripes after a while, so it could be one of those items that goes to the back of the wardrobe for a while and then becomes a priced discovery when you find it again.

I loved the mirrors in the dressing rooms, you can see every single angle in them.

Woven stripe dress
(Image taken from the Karen Millen website)

I fell in love with this Pleat Detail Shift Dress (£180) as soon as I saw it. The leather kilt straps on the side reminded me of a straitjacket and the silhouette was very forgiving and could easily go from casual to night out. Also, it is perfect for a capsule wardrobe because it can be accessorised with on trend jewellery and a fabulous jacket. Plus it is black, which is what most of my clothes are. It is a winner in my eyes.

Pleat detail shift dress
(Image taken from the Karen Millen website)

Another winner was this outfit, which consisted of a black Soft and Fluid Shirt (£65), Dogtooth Print Jeans (£90) and black Jewel Toe Cap Ballerina flats (£99). These three items can be added to a capsule wardrobe because they can be mixed and matched with anything in your wardrobe already and they can be worn as casual or smart pieces.

I think this is a perfect outfit for work, smart but has a hint of a personality to it. I like the sheer panels in the shirt because they cover up the areas you don't want people seeing but yet add a hint of intrigue to what would have been a basic black shirt, also this means you don't need a vest underneath, which is the best thing ever. The jeans were really comfortable, they felt like I was wearing leggings and I loved the print. I have an issue with slightly cropped trousers because I have always been tall and always had an issue with trouser lengths but these were just right. The shirt is in the sale at the moment, so I know where I will be going on payday.

Soft and fluid shirtDogtooth print jean
(These 3 images are taken from the Karen Millen website)
Jewel toe cap ballerina

My final outfit was exactly the same as what Elca was wearing on the day, as you can see from the pic, and I do like this ladies style. It is the burgundy Soft and Fluid Shirt Dress (£180) and Faux Leather Jersey Legging.

And here I am (trying to) model the LTD Edition Perforated Back Pack (£275). I never knew Karen Millen did backpacks and this one in particular is amazing. It has a pocket in the bag and big one at the front, so it is both practical and stylish. Elca mentioned that this is the first backpack that they have done and it is a impressive one.
LTD Edition Perforated Back Pack

I love shirt dresses but have never tried one in this colour but it can go with so much. I normally go for black, thinking that is the only colour that goes with anything but I was proven wrong. It would definitely go into a capsule wardrobe perfectly because it is season less. The leggings are awesome too, leather at the front and cotton at the back. Comfortable and biker chic equals a perfect fit for me.

Soft and fluid shirt dressFaux leather jersey legging

I really enjoyed my first ever personal styling session and especially experiencing it at Karen Millen. Elca is an knowledgeable stylist that caters to the clients needs, if not more. If you want to experience a KM Styling Session then book your personal styling appointment with Elca in store or call 0121 643 9746.

That is it for this fashion fix, back to food next xx

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