I was invited along to the Pandora store in the Bullring, to celebrate the launch of Pandora Wishes. This new campaign is fronted by 3 couples - Marvin & Rochelle Humes, Louise & Jamie Redknapp and Jameela Jamil & Rick Edwards. Each person has chosen pieces of the new collection that they like and put it on their wishlist. This is something that can be done by anyone and is great for anyone who wants to subtly hint at what they want for Christmas.

This event was lucky enough to have Marvin and Rochelle in attendance, as well as DJ Sarah Jane Crawford presenting.

To say I was excited was an understatement but then the dreaded question hit me when I got the invite, what the hell will I wear?!

The Lust List

With the Christmas Beauty Event taking place later today, at Selfridges, I have started to compile a list of makeup products that I have been lusting after and that I am thinking of buying.

(I do not own this image)

For a while now I have been happy with my makeup collection, but looking at my own old pictures and seeing some of the new products that are on the market, I see now that I have been stuck in a makeup rut; which has consisted of doing the barely there face with statement lip. But no more!

My makeup mojo is back and I am hoping these products will give me the added incentive to use it.

My Food Place of the Week: Rico Libre

Located in the back streets of Digbeth, on Barn Street, is this unassuming restaurant that serves Breakfast and Tapas.

Marco Pierre 'White' Christmas Dinner Party

I do restaurant reviews that cater to those who are dairy-free and in the past Marco Pierre White hasn't been able to do that. So, when I received an invite to this event, I was weary and curious to see how or if the Christmas menu could be altered to my needs. I am quite picky, as you all know by now, with my growing list of foods I cannot have. As this event approached, I got more and more excited and dressed up to the occasion, I don't have a boyfriend and don't like to go on many nights out anymore (yes I have become old), as this was a perfect occasion to do so. I even wore heels! 

Happy Birthday Sabai Sabai! Here is to Another 10 Years!

The lovely Ting from The Ting Thing invited me and Chloe from The Gastronomic Gorman to the Sabai Sabai in Harbourne, to celebrate their 10th birthday. 

It was full of food, drinks, music and general fun times.

My Food Place of the Week: Fumo

I have heard alot about Fumo, about its unique concept of doing Italian tapas, some were good reviews and some were not so good. Consequently, I had to try it out for myself and see how it compared to the other Italian restaurants in town.

RMK: Christmas in Manhattan Collection

The fabulous Vanessa from The Other VW invited me and a bunch of other bloggers to sample the Christmas in Manhattan Collection by RMK, in particular the Christmas Kit (shown above).

Rock and Roll Halloween Bingo

Just before Halloween, I was invited to Costa Musical Bingo at one of my favourite places, The Victoria. 

It was a night full of bloggers, laughter, sarcasm, music and spooky vibes.

Fabb Event

The infamous Fabb Event took place in Birmingham a couple of weeks ago, at Alfie Birds in the Custard Factory. I was majorly excited to see what would be going on, especially as I paid ten pounds for a ticket. Unfortunately due to me getting a job interview at the last minute, I couldn't make the event (only for the last ten minutes) and couldn't sell the ticket. 

So, I sent my mum along to check it out. Was I crazy?! No, she did a great job! 

All photos below are taken by my madre.

HC LuxSpa

I tried out the HC LuxSpa a week ago and my my, what an experience it was.

Vegan Festival

I love food, which you probably all know by now, so of course I had to check out my 2nd Vegan Festival and this time it was a little closer to home in Wolverhampton.

Where Do I Go? Where Do I Eat? Where Do I Stay?

If you are a new follower, are planning a trip to Birmingham or want a new place to stay, eat or to do something then I have compiled the ideal list of my previous reviews to make sure you haven't missed a thing.

My Food Place of the Week: Min Min

After reading Paul Fulford's review of Min Min on the Birmingham Mail site, I knew I had to visit. So when I go the opportunity to go to dinner with some good friends of mine, we leapt to Min Min! It is located in Gay Village in Birmingham, opposite the Arcadian Car Park.

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