Happy Birthday Sabai Sabai! Here is to Another 10 Years!

The lovely Ting from The Ting Thing invited me and Chloe from The Gastronomic Gorman to the Sabai Sabai in Harbourne, to celebrate their 10th birthday. 

It was full of food, drinks, music and general fun times.

It was great to break the week with a fabulous event that showcased me to a great foodie place and meant I was able to see Ting and Chloe, as well as Alev from Bella & Robot and the always amazing and friendly Elijah from Bodhi and Birch. On arrival, we were greated with a choice of mocktails, cocktails and wine from a stunning host. The mocktails were made up of lychee and lemonade, which made a great combo. The there was prawn crackers on the tables, that was served with sweet chilli dip. As people chatted and got to schmoozing, food was going around, of which I tried the Pad Thai, Vegetable Spring Rolls, Tempura Prawns, Sweetcorn Cakes and Thai Pancakes with Coconut.  All of which was beautiful, as I haven't had much experience with Thai food, it was nice to find that they had a lot of dairy free options, as well as they were all interesting and tasty. There was also a raffle draw on the night, which was £10 a ticket and the proceeds were going to Children in Need. In that draw, I won a meal for 2! I normally don't win anything, so I am excited to go have a sit down meal at this restaurant and do a proper review.

This is a pic that was taken by Jas Sansi on the night and has Ting, Rosina, myself and Chloe in it.

It is weird to think that I have never ventured to Harbourne before and that this restaurant, that is new to me, is 10 years old. Also the owner, Juree, was really welcoming on the night, I couldn't believe how young she looked, she certainly didn't look like she has 2 branches of Sabai Sabai and is looking to expand to more. I wonder what her beauty secret is?!

I cannot wait to go back soon and try it out.

Have you?

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