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I tried out the HC LuxSpa a week ago and my my, what an experience it was.

Located within Selfridges in the Bullring Birmingham, in the newly refurbished Beauty Hall, and is part of the Beauty Workshop. Within the workshop is a eye-brow threading service, hair styling/blow dry service and a nail service. 

Basically, it is a beauty addicts heaven! I mean, just look at all the colours in the picture above!

I had the lovely Casita giving me a manicure. The computer booking system was not functioning at the time I arrived but that wasn't a problem. Before any treatment took place, I had to fill out a quick and easy health form. I decided to go for a Deluxe Gel Manicure (£50) and Casita got ready to prep my nails, whilst I tried to make the difficult decision of deciding which shade to go for. There was alot of choice and although that is a great thing, I thought I wouldn't be able to choose! But eventually I went for Luxury, a dark midnight blue purpley shade and on the pinkie finger, I got Emotion put on top, a glittery blue shade. I always like to use midnight blue shades when it's dark all the time because it just reflects my mood, in this dark autumn/winter months and with the added sparkle, it makes it a little Christmassy.

The Deluxe Manicure entails a soaking of the nails in Salt of the Earth Aroma Bath Salt, cuticle work, exfoliation with another luxurious Salt of the Earth Product, a lovely massage then my hands were moisturised and put into heated mittens. The salts smelt amazing, the creme was something I wanted to slather my body in and I could feel that they were both oil based. The heated mittens felt a little like wearing oven gloves and felt a little strange, but chatting away with Casita I didn't know where the time went and it was easy to feel at ease.

Normally a mask is also a part of the Deluxe Manicure.

All the prep was done, so now Casita moved on to filing, dehydrating, painting the nails and finishing with cuticle oil. There is a reason this is calling the DELUXE manicure. The products used for the gel manicure was Artiste products, which look easy to work with and can be applied very thinly.

This is the lovely Casita on the left with a colleague.

This is what my nails look like before, a sorry state.

But not for long!

Overall, I was really happy with my manicure, I would definitely recommend it. But to ensure you get the most out of the service, make sure you go at a quiet time. I say this because although Casita was friendly and obviously talented, the manicure and result was brilliant, there was a feeling of rushing and there was no aftercare.

I thought as it is part of a department store and is open plan, it would be quite hectic but it wasn't at all.

Today is day 12 and a lot of minor chips have shown up but considering this manicure is supposed to last 2 weeks, I would say that is pretty good value. If you want something that lasts longer then I would recommend the acrylic manicure instead, all prices are shown below. The best thing is removals are free, if you had your nails done at HC LuxSpa. I thought that was brilliant because other salons charge you £5, even if you got them done there and trust me, I have taken off gel nails before, it is a total HASSLE.

*This service was complimentary but my opinion is my own*

Have you tried this service? What did you think?

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