Marco Pierre 'White' Christmas Dinner Party

I do restaurant reviews that cater to those who are dairy-free and in the past Marco Pierre White hasn't been able to do that. So, when I received an invite to this event, I was weary and curious to see how or if the Christmas menu could be altered to my needs. I am quite picky, as you all know by now, with my growing list of foods I cannot have. As this event approached, I got more and more excited and dressed up to the occasion, I don't have a boyfriend and don't like to go on many nights out anymore (yes I have become old), as this was a perfect occasion to do so. I even wore heels! 
As we all met in the bar area on the 25th floor, we were met with drinks and lots of introductions.

There was a good group of bloggers at the event, some I had met before and some I follow on Twitter, whose blogs I am fond of. It was great to put some faces to their Twitter handles. One of the great things of being a blogger is being able to meet people, who normally I wouldn't meet at all. We were seated in a private dining room, which is due to be refurbished in January, and were given a brief overview of what would be happening and of the food that would be served by the new manager, John, and the chef.

There were crackers on the table, which we all enjoyed pulling and putting our Christmas hats on. I even won some marbles, I hope I don't lose them!

As well as the crackers on the table, bread and olives were brought out.

For my Hors d'Oeuvres option, I had Smoked Salmon with slices of crustless bread and a wedge of lemon. I loved how the salmon covered the plate and how the lemon was served, this made sure that no seeds fell out. I am not normally a fan of smoked salmon but this was utterly delicious and was light but with a slight hint of the smoky taste.

If this starter was anything to go by, I knew my next two courses would be fantastic.

For my main, I had Pan Fried Sea Bass with Saffron, Potatoes and Prawn Risotto. The risotto was creamy and the prawns were the perfect size and were the perfect texture to make the risotto interesting and tasty. This was my favourite part of the dish and it went so well with the sea bass and potatoes. The potatoes were perfectly done and so was the sea bass. I know when the sea bass is good, when the skin just peels off easily and that is exactly what happened here. I cannot fault this dish. Pure perfection.

For my dessert, I had a Berry Mixture with Blackberry Sorbet with a little bit of icing on top. This was lovely after the meal as a palate cleanser but I wish there had been something crunchy, like a biscuit had been crushed on top of it or it was just a couple scoops of the sorbet. I say this because the other courses were so intricate, this seemed to be a tad too simple.

The room was really well decorated and the view even allowed us to see the Birmingham Wheel.

I really enjoyed the meal and how they were able to adapt it for me to suit my dairy free diet. If you have allergies then let the restaurant know, so they can try to cater to you.

Normally this would be £40 per person and there would be an additional cost for the private room.
For more details, just click here.

This meal has restored my faith in the restaurant and I cannot wait to go again soon.

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