I was invited along to the Pandora store in the Bullring, to celebrate the launch of Pandora Wishes. This new campaign is fronted by 3 couples - Marvin & Rochelle Humes, Louise & Jamie Redknapp and Jameela Jamil & Rick Edwards. Each person has chosen pieces of the new collection that they like and put it on their wishlist. This is something that can be done by anyone and is great for anyone who wants to subtly hint at what they want for Christmas.

This event was lucky enough to have Marvin and Rochelle in attendance, as well as DJ Sarah Jane Crawford presenting.

To say I was excited was an understatement but then the dreaded question hit me when I got the invite, what the hell will I wear?!

I decided to go with this H&M dress because it was girly, was nicely nipped at the waist and is the perfect length. I got it in the sale for £15 a couple weeks ago but it is now £12 and believe me, it is so easy to wear.

Back to the event, where Rochelle and Marvin arrived to a frenzy of photographers and eager fans, who couldn't wait to meet and greet them.
I was eager to find out what Rochelle was wearing, I was sure that it might have been Victoria Beckham but it was actually her own collection. I never knew she had one!

Sarah-Jane also looked great too and I wished I would have got a picture of her blue snake skin heels, they were so sexy.

Rochelle and Marvin had a little chat with Sarah-Jane, took a few pics and chatted to some people, as Sarah-Jane began to DJ. I haven't heard her radio show or been to any of her DJ gigs but I liked her style and the genre of music she was playing, I could definitely hear that Radio 1Xtra vibe.

Sarah-Jane was also really lovely and friendly and didn't hesitate to say yes when I asked for a picture.
Blue seemed to be the theme of the night.

Rochelle and Marvin were also very friendly and appeared very down to earth. I couldn't get over how stunning Rochelle was in real life. Pictures do not do her justice!

Of course if there is a photo booth, it has to be used! This is me and the lovely Sunny from Wardrobe Mag showing our favourite selfie poses.

Overall, it was a great night and would like to thank the team at the Bullring Birmingham for the invite

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