Rock and Roll Halloween Bingo

Just before Halloween, I was invited to Costa Musical Bingo at one of my favourite places, The Victoria. 

It was a night full of bloggers, laughter, sarcasm, music and spooky vibes.

I have been really lame with my fancy dress attire this Halloween and definitely need to step it up next year. Lots of the bloggers had dressed up and looked fantastic, Hannah from Love Icon Fantasy Ego in particular looked amazing. On this occasion, I wore a skull print skirt, a black tee, glitter tights and a black cardi with a mask and super dark makeup. I never get to wear my Nars Velvet Matte Pencil in Train Bleu but this was the perfect event to do so and don't you think it looks quite Halloween-y?

The host of the event was so hilarious and definitely kept this group of bloggers on their toes and giggling continuously with sarcasm and just general banter.

The object of the event was to play Bingo but with music, so you had a bunch of song titles on the paper and you had to match it to the song that was played. Then as the rounds progressed, so did the difficulty and more rows were needed and eventually led to a full house being needed. I luckily got two rows and won a tattoo sleeve, shown in the picture below, I have always wanted a tattoo.
(The last three images are courtesy of the event)

I can honestly say I loved the event, it was great to meet some new bloggers, go to The Victoria and of course play some Bingo. Also they provided us with food and drink, we were truly looked after.

Many thanks to the organisers and I hope to go to something like this again soon.

For any more details, just click here.

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