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With the Christmas Beauty Event taking place later today, at Selfridges, I have started to compile a list of makeup products that I have been lusting after and that I am thinking of buying.

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For a while now I have been happy with my makeup collection, but looking at my own old pictures and seeing some of the new products that are on the market, I see now that I have been stuck in a makeup rut; which has consisted of doing the barely there face with statement lip. But no more!

My makeup mojo is back and I am hoping these products will give me the added incentive to use it.

My top pick is the Clarins - The Essentials Eye Shadow Palette, which retails for £35.
I love this palette because the shadows have the most amazing velvet-like texture and the colours are a perfect match for me. I think this will rival the original Naked palette for me and it might even make me stop using that. I posted about this palette on my Instagram and my followers all shared my love for this palette. I have heard only good things about last years palette, so tomorrow I will be making a pit stop right at the Clarin's concession as soon as I get there. I pray that they don't sell out before I get there, please god please save me one.

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My second pick is Urban Decay's Naked on the Run Palette, which retails for £37.
It currently isn't available at Selfridges, so I can't get it today but it is available on the Urban Decay site.
It has gained great reviews on Temptalia and I cannot wait to see it in the flesh!
Isn't it beautiful?!
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The next is not quite makeup but an effective method of taking it all off, I have been told to try Soothing Cleansing Oil, which retails for £31.
(Pic taken from
I am always searching for an easy way to remove all my make-up that doesn't take a zillion years to use and I have heard that this is the solution to all my problems, hence why it is on this list.

I saw the Micro Minis version of the Beauty Blender on the SelfBhamBeauty Instagram page a couple weeks ago and haven't had a chance to go into the store to get it. Currently they are £13.50 on the Cult Beauty site but I am hoping there are in stock in Selfridges. I kind of want to go early to the event tonight and stand there with my products and wait for the event to start, is that sad?! You can say yes.
(Pic taken from Cult Beauty)
I love the idea of these mini blenders to put on my concealer or even highlighter, so watch this space! I haven't tried the bigger versions because the reviews are too hit and miss for me to spend my money on it but if these turn out to work well, you know what I will be making a beeline for.

My eyebrows are pretty thick and dark already, don't hate me, but sometimes I want to make them look more finished. So, whilst I was at the RMK concession and I was getting a makeover of the Christmas in Manhattan Collection, they used the eyebrow pencil and powder on me and I fell in love. I liked the design, how there are two ends (that you buy separately) and that all you need is there for you to use easily. 
(Pic taken from Bonbon Cosmetics)
It normally retails for £12 per piece so £24 altogether and for how quick and easy the use was, I really want to try it for myself.

Charlotte Tilbury's makeup collection just oozes luxury and glamour and I do not have enough of it. To ensure that this is no longer the case, I must purchase or must have it purchased for me (hint hint, it is how many months until my birthday?). 

The products I am lusting after are Mini Lipstick Charms, retailing at £29, and Filmstar Bronze & Glow, retailing at £49.

(Image from Charlotte Tilbury site)
The charms are super cute and are three shades that I actually like, that normally doesn't happen and I quite like the price too. I hope they haven't sold out, why do I lust after limited edition items?!

(Pic taken from Charlotte Tilbury site)
Now, Temptalia has given the Filmstar Bronze & Glow an A and look how pretty it looks, need I say more?!

Now I have seven items on this list and a whole lot more that I cannot get, doesn't life suck?!

Keep an eye on my Instagram to see what I ACTUALLY get.

I'm off to shop!


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