Vegan Festival

I love food, which you probably all know by now, so of course I had to check out my 2nd Vegan Festival and this time it was a little closer to home in Wolverhampton.

The event was alot smaller than the one in London but there was still alot to see and try. It was only 1 pound entry but they was a severe lack of samples, I do love them and do end up buying more because of them.

Pies, cakes, sweets, makeup, food, clothes and even books were being sold at the event.

This pics (above) shows my favourite stall at the event, they are a London based company that specialises in cakes and they were damn good too.

I tried three of the cakes, Peach Crumble, Mud Pie and Gateau Cake, all vegan of course. They aren't as tasty as the cakes that were on offer in London but they were still really tasty.

I cannot wait for my next vegan festival, I just love being able to go somewhere and having anything I want.

Did you go to this Vegan Festival in Wolverhampton?

What did you think?

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