Merry Christmas Folks, Hope it is a Great One! xx

My Food Place of the Week: Sabai Sabai

You probably saw in my Sabai Sabai 10th Anniversary post that I won a meal for 2 in the raffle, so off I went with my faithful companion, my mother, to see how this restaurant fares.

"Thank You for the Music, for the Songs I'm Singing..."

I haven't done a music post in AGES, aka a month and a half, so I thought it was now ample time to do one about my favourites at the moment.

My Favourite Celebrity Chefs

If I'm not eating food then I am thinking about it or I am watching other people making or eating it, I know I have a problem. So I thought I would share some of my favourite celebrity chefs, that I like to watch and why.

My Food Place of the Week: Heavenly Desserts

Before I start the review, I thought I would share my slight OCD tendencies. As you can see I collected all the spoons and tissues on the table and organised them in a row. Yes I have problems but as you can see one of my cousins is unfazed by this but the other, I'm looking at you Nods, is a little freaked out.

Moving swiftly on, today I will be reviewing the highly regarded dessert place, Heavenly Desserts. When I say it is highly regarded, this is only within the Asian world. It is located on Ladypool Rd, right next to Fargo's Food Factory, which is why we headed to Heavenly Desserts after dinner at Fargos, it was pure location, obviously.

Bullring Bloggers Event Winter

Last week, I was invited along to the Bullring Bloggers Event for Christmas. I was super excited as the last one was a roaring success and was thoroughly enjoyable.

BBC Good Food Show Winter

Not this weekend but the weekend before, I was lucky enough to knock at the BBC Good Food Show's door (there was no literal door and no knocking involved, I just love to rhyme, apparently).

My Food Place of the Week: Fargos Food Factory

Once upon a time, I used to have a burger on the regular; whether it was veggie, fish, doner meat, chicken but never beef or pork. So I know a good burger, trust me. Certain intolerances, of which you will know by now, and my need to be healthy, yes I know I am weird but that is nothing new, burgers are now a treat and one of my favourite places to have one is Fargo's Food Factory.

Christmas Beauty Event

The event was alot of fun but this picture was taken towards the end of the night and obviously the DJ had lost the will to live.

I love the beauty events that take part at Selfridges, Sali Hughes and Caroline Hirons were giving talks at some of the past events, so I was jumping at the bit for the latest event to take place. It was the same premise of 10 pounds a ticket, redeemable against any purchase and it was 10% off. I attended the event with my mother but also met a few blogger friends and even Santa there.

Click & Collect: Tried and Tested.

If you are anything like me, you will love online shopping but hate the fact you are never home when it gets delivered. Seriously, it is the bane of my life! Especially when I have been looking forward to the item. So the idea of the Click and Collect service, that many stores have now, is perfect for me. 
I have tested it out at four stores to see how each of them compare, by service, speed and whether it is an effective option.

My Food Place of the Week: Barebones Pizza

There I was, looking for something for lunch and nothing was taking my fancy. Starbucks don't have a vegan sandwich anymore, neither does Greggs and everywhere else has such a poor selection of dairy free options that I was ready to tear my hair out. So then I saw that there was a Trade Fair taking place in the centre of Sutton Coldfield and stumbled upon this gem, the BareBones Pizza van.

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