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Not this weekend but the weekend before, I was lucky enough to knock at the BBC Good Food Show's door (there was no literal door and no knocking involved, I just love to rhyme, apparently).
I was lucky enough to be able to visit on both the Thursday it started and the Sunday, when it finished, and the contrast was really vast. Obviously it was busier on the Sunday but the vibe on Thursday was so much more relaxed and friendly. Note to self, always go on the weekday to look around and the last day to pick up the bargains.
On the Thursday, I saw a live demo from the amazingly awesome and hilarious Hairy Bikers in the Supertheatre. I have to say I could watch these guys all day, they are so ridiculously funny. In this particular show, they were having a lot of fun with the communicator on stage, especially Si, who kept giggling away and watching him. A particular moment that I will never forget, was when Si and David were making the communicator sign 'bum' over and over and  the communicator being more than happy to oblige their request.

Aren't these aprons and oven gloves fab?

I love biscuit butter, especially the Lotus Biscuit Spread, so was quite intrigued to see this brand. I tried it and it wasn't as good but the AppleButter was strange but nice; however not good enough to push me to buy it. Probably because it was £3 and I could get a Lotus Butter jar for that, with some change too.

I have a Kenwood Mixer at home and I loved this huge version. There was a demonstration going on with a lovely lady from the Great British Bake Off but I couldn't stop staring at the giant mixer and was envisaging how great it would look in my garden.

Peanut Butter is the best thing in my life, as it is dairy free but I always worry about the amount of additives that are put into the jars. Proper Nutty is 100% peanuts or has 5% salt, which sounds weird but the salt makes it similar to salted caramel; I really want to make cookies out of this one.

This ketchup sounds really weird but I love banana and this takes just like freshly baked banana cake to me, aka heaven. I went back and brought this on the Sunday, complete must have.

My favourites Pip's Hot Sauce were in attendance at the show as well, with some brand new sauces and gift sets. I love Pip's Hot Sauce and have Bodega to thank for bringing it into my life; plus it is always a pleasure to see the lovely Pip.

It looks like one half of the Hairy Bikers is also a fan of Pip's Hot Sauce. 
(Picture taken from Pip's Hot Sauce Facebook page)

Do you like my selfie with James Martin? (Yes, it is a poster)

That was my experience on the Thursday, now onto Saturday...

I had to try this sorbet, which is made with liquid nitrogen. To be honest, it was quite a let down and expensive for such a gimmick. Give me handmade sorbet over this, anytime!

I had to include these pictures of this man making the paella, look at all that meat!

On the Sunday, I went to see the Hairy Bikers again because my Mother wanted to see them and I didn't mind at all; did I mention I think they are hilarious?!
James Martin kept sneaking onto the stage during the Hairy Bikers demo, in the picture above he had added a huge wad of butter to some caramelised apples. He kept doing little acts of sabotage throughout the demo, it added a panto-like vibe in the theatre and it made me enjoy it even more than the time before. They made the same dishes and some of the jokes were repeated but they were still full of energy and I think Si was a tad tipsy, as he was getting a little frisky with the cameraman. Also, I love that they made Cauliflower Rice and this is something I will definitely be trying soon.

This is a image of my loot from the show. I am loving the Peanut Butter, the Baklava was amazing, the 9 Bars are my best friends, the dairy free croissants were awful, the teas I brought are lovely, especially the peppermint flavour and lastly the Soulful One Pot was a great lunch, the day after. The rest will be tried in due course, please stay tuned on Instagram for those updates.

And that is it. Did you go? Did you enjoy it? I have to say it was alot better then the Summer one.

*Thank you to the PR & Promotions team at River Street Events for the Press Pass*

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