Bullring Bloggers Event Winter

Last week, I was invited along to the Bullring Bloggers Event for Christmas. I was super excited as the last one was a roaring success and was thoroughly enjoyable.

This time, there was food, hair styling, nails being painted and a lot of exhibiting of makeup. To be honest, it was a little underwhelming compared to the last one because a lot of the time I was standing around and it seemed to have been taken over by Selfridges. Don't get me wrong, I love Selfridges, but there are so many brands within Bullring that it seemed like a bit of a let down. On the plus side, this allowed me to chat with some bloggers and see how everyone was, which is always nice.

Chaophraya were there, showing off some of their culinary delights. The spring rolls were super delicious and were needed, as most of us had come from work and it was dinner time plus I love food, so gimme!

I finally found out what the fuss is about with certain Benefit products, in particular Hoola and the Benetint, which I actually picked up the day after at the World Duty Free Event at the NEC, I think I was sold.

I wasn't able to get my nails or hair done this time but I was able to discover a new product and see some great bloggers.

Until the next time.

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