Click & Collect: Tried and Tested.

If you are anything like me, you will love online shopping but hate the fact you are never home when it gets delivered. Seriously, it is the bane of my life! Especially when I have been looking forward to the item. So the idea of the Click and Collect service, that many stores have now, is perfect for me. 
I have tested it out at four stores to see how each of them compare, by service, speed and whether it is an effective option.

First up, it's Tesco.

I never knew that the Tesco Metro within the Birmingham City Centre had this service so I was really intrigued to see how it would work and where the hell the counter would be. It was a really busy at the store and the queue for the Customer Service counter was quite long. Then the guy at the counter had to call the manager to get the key to open the cupboard that has the online orders, the manager of course was not reachable. I was probably waiting for about 30 minutes until another employee came along and gave the key. The employee has the counter was really friendly but for how long I waited for the order, I wouldn't get my order sent here.

Definitely the ineffective option and would rather walk to the big Tesco near Broadway Plaza.

Next, it is House of Fraser, where they have a desk allocated just for collecting online orders in store. It was towards the back of the store, so I had to ask directions but the employee at the counter was amazing. Just as he went out the door to get the order, he was back again. I was surprised at how quick, efficient AND friendly he was.

Definitely an effective option and would highly recommend the Buy & Collect service here.

Debenhams also have a allocated desk for collecting online orders and it is even easier to get to, because of various signs throughout the store. As well as being easy to find, the order was collected quickly but service was nowhere near as good as at House of Fraser.

I would still say this is a effective option.

Asda's service was a little more interactive than the rest, you put the collection order number into the machine and like magic, a store worker come, takes your order slip and returns with your order. Super quick and even less interaction with humans, perfect if you having a day where you just cannot deal or just want to collect and leave ASAP.

It was great service at the Small Heath branch of Asda.

Returning the products was even easier. Although you have to go to the Music Department counter, the assistant takes the order slip and item/s and the money goes back onto your account. No need for carrying your card either!

Last up is Boots, the one on the Birmingham City Centre High Street. I ordered the Benefit Cheeky Sweet Stop, which I have since returned, from the store and it was ready to collect the day after. Wowzers that was fast! This was the quickest of the orders Again, the service was good and quick. No faffing about or waiting around here, this may also be due to the fact I visited at a quiet time.

Recommended for all those looking for something in particular and don't wait to be searching for it, you can buy online and collect: done!

My favourites were Asda and House of Fraser but the rest are ok too.

Have you tried any of the Click and Collect services?

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