My Favourite Celebrity Chefs

If I'm not eating food then I am thinking about it or I am watching other people making or eating it, I know I have a problem. So I thought I would share some of my favourite celebrity chefs, that I like to watch and why.

This lady doesn't need a introduction but i will give her one anyway, first up is Nigella Lawson. She became infamous recently because of her personal life but I personally have always loved how she wasn't afraid to push the boundaries of a cooking show and actually eat what she made. She reacts to food the same way I do, in that it simply just needs to be eaten. This is also followed with great decadent recipes, great presentation, an amazing voice and an oozing sez appeal. What's not to love?!

Relatively new on the scene is former model, Lorraine Pascale. Her take on cooking is refreshing, she makes it seem so easy and pretty straightforward plus her latest series concentrates on the food being healthy, easy to make AND tasty. I also like the ingredients she fuses together because they are all my favourites. Her personality is quite relaxed, passionate but yet wanting to educate her audience with all that she has learned.

Rachel Khoo is another newbie on the scene, I love how pretty she is, how she is never seen without lipstick, how she has a two person restaurant in her little tiny french flat and how she alters French cuisine and makes it doable for all. I have never been to France but the way she allows the viewer to have an insight into the food of the city is something else I love to see.

I find Jamie Oliver's restaurants to be worryingly mediocre but I love his cooking shows. His 15 minute recipes are never 15 minutes but are still enjoyable to make. I find his way of narrating what he is doing interesting, funny and one of the many reasons I like to watch him. Some people don't like how he prefers to use his hands for to do certain things but I like this because it is easier.

I was able to see The Hairy Bikers at the BBC Good Food Show Winter a couple of weeks ago and it cemented why I like to watch them. Belly-hurtingly funny, now making healthy and innovative food and it is damn certain that it is also going to be tasty food. It is amazing how much weight Si and David have lost but they have still kept to their style of cooking with wit but haven't preached about healthy food either.

Lastly, it is The Two Greedy Italians, Antonio Carluccio and Gennaro Contaldo. I love these chefs because they like to use the most luxurious of ingredients, they like to discover new dishes, but the best part is that they do this in Italy. I love a good foodie holiday and I feel like I am on one when I watch these two.

So who are your favourites?

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