My Food Place of the Week: Barebones Pizza

There I was, looking for something for lunch and nothing was taking my fancy. Starbucks don't have a vegan sandwich anymore, neither does Greggs and everywhere else has such a poor selection of dairy free options that I was ready to tear my hair out. So then I saw that there was a Trade Fair taking place in the centre of Sutton Coldfield and stumbled upon this gem, the BareBones Pizza van.

The prices seemed reasonable and then the guy serving me said they do vegan cheese, which was like music to my ears. I choose the Boneless Pizza and switched the red onions for black olives.

The portion was good, the toppings were fresh, the base was crispy and soft but the sauce was lacking in real flavour and was a little watery. However, it was a great pizza and a good idea for lunch but I have to say, I am more partial to Pizza Express.

Although I love the idea of a pizza oven being in a van, such a genius idea.

Food - 4/5
Great pizza but lacking in the X Factor to make it amazing but great as a quick lunch option.

Dairy-free options? - 5/5
They had brought cheese from the 100% Vegan Shop, which you all know I love, and have created a good vegan pizza; unheard of at most other pizza places.

Service - 5/5
Really friendly and chatted to me whilst I waited for my pizza. Very knowledgeable and know their competitors well and seem to be working together, especially those on the street food market.

Cleanliness - 5/5
The van was spotless and very well organised.

Location - 4/5
Really well situated for anyone in Sutton Coldfield, that is looking for a lunchtime option. I was surprised that the college students were taking all their trade.

Value for Money - 5/5
A pizza for a fiver, of course that is good value for money. However they did charge an additional charge of a pound for the box, which is not bad but I think they should put that on the menu.

Is it worth trying? 
Yes, let me know how the other pizzas are.

Great concept, good pizza, innovative ideas and well priced.

Tomato sauce could be better

Have you tried pizza from Barebones Pizza?

Do you agree?

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