My Food Place of the Week: Fargos Food Factory

Once upon a time, I used to have a burger on the regular; whether it was veggie, fish, doner meat, chicken but never beef or pork. So I know a good burger, trust me. Certain intolerances, of which you will know by now, and my need to be healthy, yes I know I am weird but that is nothing new, burgers are now a treat and one of my favourite places to have one is Fargo's Food Factory.
Located towards the end of Ladypool Rd, is a diamond in the rough of tacky Asian clothes shops and fast food restaurants. If you have followed my reviews for a while then you might be feeling a sense of deja vu, as I have done a review of this place before but this is an updated version and you can see the progression of my reviewing style and style & substance of the restaurant.

I love mocktails and it is rare for a place to do good ones, as they normally concentrate on the alcoholic drinks, but Fargo's has a flurry of choices for those who don't want/have alcohol, as the clientele is largely Muslim. I choose Bora Bora(left), as I have tried it before and it never fails to disappoint, whereas my cousins chose a Mojito(right) and Strawberry Soda(middle). The Mojito had the right amount of mint, soda and lime, I found the Strawberry Soda a little too sweet but Bora Bora is pure perfection and works quite well as a palette cleanser too.

Enough about the drinks, lets get onto the good stuff, FOOD! I chose The Grizzler and Fully Loaded Fries for my meal. The Grizzler is described as "Hot & spicy seasoned char-grilled chicken breast fillet, chilli relish, tomato, red onion rings, fresh leaf lettuce & mayo", I substituted the red onion rings and tomato for mushrooms. The burger was well sized and everything seemed fresh, however the chicken was a little too chewy and I wished they would use a portobello mushroom, instead of slices of mushrooms because these spill out easily and a portobello mushroom is one piece and would look great stacked on top of the chicken. The Fully Loaded Fries are described "Handmade skin-on potato fries, double fried then loaded with choice of toppings (Lamb Mince, Shredded Mexican Chicken,Veggie Curry), sour cream & spring onions". I chose to have them loaded with lamb mince and swept the sour cream to one side. The mince was perfectly cooked with the right amount of spices, my cousin described it as "homemade" and that is exactly why I love them.

There were 4 of us that visited that evening, we all chose burgers and fries, 2 of us went for The Grizzler(both shown in the above picture), 1 went for The Yankee(in the background in the picture below) and the last went for The Brick Burger (below), which was made up of The Pollo Panko and The Grizzler patties in one burger with cheese and Red Pesto Mayo. In the above picture you can also see a Oreo Milkshake, I obviously didn't try it but it was thoroughly enjoyed by the slurper.

It was Friday night, it was quite busy but we had booked a table and got seats straight away, service was good and prompt, the only thing that was annoying was this child crying and screaming but that family left within 15 minutes of us being there, HALLELUJAH!

Food - 4/5
Great selection of burgers, fries & drinks and good quality.

Dairy-free options? - 5/5
You can ask for anything to be taken out and it is quite clear on the menu, what had dairy and what didn't. Clear and concise, just the way I like it.

Service - 4/5
Patient and good but just do their job, nothing more and nothing less. However, it was quite funny when my cousin received her order of The Brick Burger and the waiter asked if we are sure it is for her, hilarious.

Cleanliness - 5/5
They were quick with cleaning up and seem to have a very solid system in place.

Location - 3/5
Parking can be a problem but the restaurant is easy to find.

Value for Money - 5/5
The burgers range from £5.50 to £10.95, the portion is big and this price includes chunky chips, with an added expense for Fargo and Fully Loaded Fargo Fries. Altogether it came to around £44, which averages £11 per person, this is for a burger, fries and a drink.

Is it worth trying? 

As well as burgers, there is pizza, curry, stir fry and steak; I have tried most of it and the burgers and pizza are the best. Also the shoestring onions on one of my cousins burger looked amazing, need more burgers with this option.

Higher quality chicken needs to be used and there could be an additional option of brioche buns.

*Thanks to Veds and Nods for supplying me with the pics of their burgers*

After this we headed to Heavenly Desserts, which is next door and this review will go live on Monday, as usual.

That's it folks.

Let me know if you have tried Fargo's and if you agree.

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