My Food Place of the Week: Heavenly Desserts

Before I start the review, I thought I would share my slight OCD tendencies. As you can see I collected all the spoons and tissues on the table and organised them in a row. Yes I have problems but as you can see one of my cousins is unfazed by this but the other, I'm looking at you Nods, is a little freaked out.

Moving swiftly on, today I will be reviewing the highly regarded dessert place, Heavenly Desserts. When I say it is highly regarded, this is only within the Asian world. It is located on Ladypool Rd, right next to Fargo's Food Factory, which is why we headed to Heavenly Desserts after dinner at Fargos, it was pure location, obviously.

I tried to pick something that was dairy free but still tasty. I realised during eating the waffle that it had dairy in it and ended up leaving it half way through but it was so crispy but soft and warm, that I just didn't want to stop. Then there was fruit, maple syrup, icing sugar and a gorgeous drop of mango sorbet in the middle. Most of the fruit was fresh and tasty but I doubt the pineapple was, as it was quite rubbery and tasted store bought. The sorbet was nice but again, it tasted store bought. Next time, yes there will be a next time, I will go for the same but without the waffle.

Dark Chocolate and White Chocolate Cookie Dough with Whipped Cream.

Pancakes with Maple Syrup, Nutella, Sliced Bananas, Whipped Cream and Vanilla Ice Cream.

Oreo Sundae
This girl had a brick burger with two patties and then had this whole sundae, she struggled a little but persevered, a true Mughal through and through.

As you can see, we all loved our desserts and there is a good variety there. I had heard alot about Heavenly Desserts and the place lived up to the hype for me, as I thought it would be this crappy rundown place with jokes for dessert but it was very nicely presented, had sorbet, was clean and the desserts were tasty and attractive.

Food - 4/5
The menu was a little extensive but there were some good options and the food was of good quality and portions. They just need to go that one step further, by creating more dairy free options.

Dairy-free options? - 2/5
Only one I found was with a waffle, I am sure if you asked, they would be happy to alter. However, more choices needed on the menu.

Service - 4/5
Pleasant, friendly but the waitress mumbled alot but my cousin, who seems to be a mumble translator, was the only one of the four of us to understand what she was saying. We got there at a really good time, as the queue started to go down the street as we waited for our desserts but we were able to get a table within 10 minutes when we arrived.

Cleanliness - 5/5
Well maintained, food preparation area is in clear sight to customers and quickly cleaned up.

Location - 3/5
Parking can be a problem but the restaurant is easy to find.

Value for Money - 5/5
Our desserts were around £7 each, which is expensive but worth the portion size and experience you get.

Is it worth trying? 

Stylish venue, good desserts, great concept and execution.

More dairy free options needed and a menu that had more pictures.

Have you tried this place? What did you think?

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