"Thank You for the Music, for the Songs I'm Singing..."

I haven't done a music post in AGES, aka a month and a half, so I thought it was now ample time to do one about my favourites at the moment.

In the Lonely Hour by Sam Smith has been on constant rotation on my iPod and I am able to listen to the album the whole way through, which I cannot say for many albums. However, I am quite pissed off that he won't be bringing his tour to Birmingham and that his Wolverhampton gig is sold out but he is on my bucket list of musicians to see, so I am sure I will see him live at some point.

I have picked two tracks from the album that I get excited for and that have reached the top of my Most Played playlist on Itunes.

The first track I have gone for is 'I've Told You Now".

I love this track because I love how the tempo changes when it gets to the chorus, it just sounds so operatic and harmonious to me, it's a total obsession. One of the reasons I like Sam is the way he is able to tell a story through his lyrics, I particularly like how I learn so much about him through this single track. I like the way he is having to spell it out for this person, like duh I'm here, obviously I love you twat. Ok, he doesn't say that but you get my drift. 

The second track I like/am obsessed with is 'Good Thing'.

This track feels like the next step from 'I've Told You Now', as it paints a picture of unrequited love and of a relationship that was good, has gone sour and Sam feels is now bad for him. Pain, heartache and a story through lyrics, I love it!

Another album that has been in constant rotation is Tough Love by Jessie Ware. I thought the album would never be as good as Devotion but it's more grown and sophisticated, I love it even more so. I am also pissed off at Jessie, as she is also not coming on tour in Birmingham but the nearest she will be is Bristol, why Jessie, WHY?! I am sure I will get over it eventually, especially if Sam and Jessie play a gig together, please let this happen.

I have picked two tracks from Tough Love, as these two have made it to the top two on my Most Played list on my iTunes, just above Sam Smith.

'Kind of... Sometimes, Maybe' is sarcastic in it's lyrical content, has a great R & B beat, was written with Miguel and her voice sounds like honey on this. I like how she is ashamed/forced to admit she likes and wants this man and how she is trying to act nonchalant by saying 'Do I want you at all? OK, just a bit, I hate to admit...".

Next up is 'Midnight Caller', a lyrical story of how she has a fella who she is slightly addicted to, she wishes he wouldn't pick up her calls but she cannot help but call him when it's late and she is alone. One of those, I have to delete his number so I don't call him but I will eventually anyway; girls huh?!

Lastly, I have a bit of an oddball selection.

This selection is 'Electric Blue' by Nicole Scherzinger. 

I used to be a huge fan of PussyCat Dolls and downloaded Nicole's new album to see how she has done and how it compared. Most of the tracks are all filler but 'Your Love' and 'Electric Blue' are definitely killers. The Dream delivers a great beat, on 'Electric Blue', with Nicole exercising her vocal prowess and TI making a sneaky cameo, they make this track a damn good one and I hope that this is the next single.

Obviously I have downloaded Taylor Swift's new album and it is the only one of hers that I enjoy, especially the track 'Blank Space'. Also, I have just downloaded J Cole's '2014 Forest Hills Drive' and look forward to giving this a listen.

What do you think of my choices? What would you add?

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