My Food Place of the Week: Yorks Bakery Cafe

I love breakfast time but I love Brunch on a Sunday even more. A couple Sundays ago, I took my mum over to Yorks Bakery Cafe to test out their Breakfast/Brunch Menu.

My Food Place of the Week: The Gentleman & Scholar

Located within the Hyatt Regency Birmingham, on Bridge Street just off Broad St, is The Gentleman and Scholar Pub.

1 Year Anniversary Giveaway

I cannot believe it has been a year today since this blog became Nutella Tasha. Before that, I was Pink Haired Asian and for a brief period, Tasha in my Weird Wide World.

It has been an exciting year, where I have been able to experience some amazing things and I wanted to thank anyone that reads this blog, that has given me an opportunity and has supported me, thank you.

Enough of the mushy stuff, lets get to to the fun stuff!

The Playful Indian (Not Talking About Myself)

How cute is that packaging?!
 The perks of being a blogger is that sometimes, you get sent some amazing products. Last week I got sent some greeting cards and gifts that are currently available at The Playful Indian.

Brummie Bloggers Dinner

Last week, I set a little dinner for a group of bloggers, it was intended to be an informal gathering where we could get to know each other, meet some new or familiar bloggers, and to just enjoy. You probably would have seen the images on my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, it was a night full of food and good company. 

I choose The Warehouse Cafe because I love the food there and knew that the relaxed vibe of the venue would be perfect for the event.

We were given samples of the trio of hummus with some deep fried tortilla chips. I haven't thought of doing carrot or beetroot hummus so that was intriguing. I made hummus myself for the first time, a week ago, so I am going to start trying some different varieties of it very soon. 

Chaophraya Cooking Lesson

 A week or so ago, I was invited to Chaophraya to be a guinea pig for their Cookery School Experience. I love thai food, as they use coconut milk more than dairy, so it was a no-brainer for me and I didn't hesitate to say yes.

My Food Place of the Week: Raja Monkey

I have seen many of my fellow bloggers do reviews of Raja Monkey over the last couple of months, so of course I had to go undercover and see what the fuss was about.

My Food Place of the Week: Tamper Coffee

As you would have noticed, I took a little break over the Christmas and New Year period but I am back in this new year with all guns blazing. This year, I intend to have more foodie posts because that is what I want to concentrate on more now, call it a New Year's Resolution for Nutella Tasha.

Whilst visiting a friend in Sheffield, I was able to try a couple of food places and one that definitely tickled my taste buds was Tamper Coffee.

My friend I was visiting, Charlie, and a fellow blogger, Claire aka PinkLittleBean, both recommended this place to me, so of course it was the place to go on my last day of my trip in Sheffield.

The website says that they are "Bringing the very best of New Zealand Cafe culture to Sheffield " and if that is the case, then please book me a flight to New Zealand pronto!

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