My Food Place of the Week: Tamper Coffee

As you would have noticed, I took a little break over the Christmas and New Year period but I am back in this new year with all guns blazing. This year, I intend to have more foodie posts because that is what I want to concentrate on more now, call it a New Year's Resolution for Nutella Tasha.

Whilst visiting a friend in Sheffield, I was able to try a couple of food places and one that definitely tickled my taste buds was Tamper Coffee.

My friend I was visiting, Charlie, and a fellow blogger, Claire aka PinkLittleBean, both recommended this place to me, so of course it was the place to go on my last day of my trip in Sheffield.

The website says that they are "Bringing the very best of New Zealand Cafe culture to Sheffield " and if that is the case, then please book me a flight to New Zealand pronto!

From the outside, Tamper Coffee looks like a quaint and ordinary coffee shop but it is decorated with a lot of wood and has a very cosy earthy feel to it. Looking at the menu, there was alot that took my fancy but the Sweetcorn Fritters with a Poached Egg, Watercress, Hash Browns and Sweet Chilli Sauce was the one for me. I am currently obsessed with Sweetcorn Fritters after trying them at Sabai Sabai and was really interested to see how Tamper Coffee's version compared.

The waitress was really good at ensuring that my meal was dairy free, making sure that dairy butter and cracked avocado with milk weren't used, however this did mean we were waiting for our order for a while and the hash browns were burnt. But the fritters were to die for, soft on the inside, crispy on the outside, just the right amount of sweetcorn and well spiced. Then the poached egg was perfection too, you know those moments when you cut into the egg and the yolk comes oozing out and it is just perfect, it was one of those moments. Then the green chutney and sweet chilli sauce that accompanied the fritters went so well together, just like at Sabai Sabai. As mentioned before the hash browns were burnt but they were very different to the usual, as I was expecting the Mcdonalds type, I would love to go back to see how good they would be, if they were made well.

The tea was of the loose leaf variety and tasted amazing. It arrived in a pot, shown in image above, that had around 2 - 3 tea cup fulls inside. The cutlery was also pretty nice.

Food - 5/5
A good selection of food with a team that are willing to offer variations to cater to your allergies or intolerances.

Dairy-free options? - 3/5
Not very many options but as mentioned above, they are willing to change ingredients to suit.

Service - 5/5
The staff were great at updating me about where my food was and did offer to compensate me with cake but none of the cakes were dairy free and they did not offer another option. However, everyone was very friendly.

Cleanliness - 5/5
No messy tables or dirt in site, the staff were on the ball. The toilets were a tad dirty though.

Location - 3/5
A little out of the way but if you have Google Maps or know Sheffield well, you won't struggle.

Value for Money - 4/5
For this dish and a cup of loose leaf peppermint tea, it came to 10 pounds exactly. Bargain for a Brummie!

Is it worth trying? 

Great quality food, reasonable price, great staff and lovely venue.

Bathroom not maintained

Have you tried this place? What did you think?

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