My Food Place of the Week: Yorks Bakery Cafe

I love breakfast time but I love Brunch on a Sunday even more. A couple Sundays ago, I took my mum over to Yorks Bakery Cafe to test out their Breakfast/Brunch Menu.

I have been to the venue before, around 2 years ago, but I didn't think much of it at the time but after seeing the delights on offer and the fact they have such a variety of options, you know I had to try it out.

The venue itself is very hipster and chic, with brick bearing walls and wooden surfaces; as well as a silver Pixar-esque lamp.

My mum chose the Vegetarian Breakfast (£7.00), which consists of flat mushrooms, 2 fried eggs, spinach, tomatoes and sourdough bread.
I loved the way it was served on a wooden plaque in a cast iron pan, oh so cool. My mum loved it! Everything was cooked well, the ingredients were high quality and the bread was to die for.

To drink, she had English Breakfast Loose Leaf Tea and it was served in a cutesy tea pot and on a tray. It looks oh-so-ikea, don't you think?!

I choose Eggs Florentine (£7.00), which consisted of Poached Eggs & Wilted Spinach on a English Muffin and Barbeque Sauce. It is supposed to have Hollandaise Sauce but that is not dairy free so they were able to switch and I have to say, I prefer it.

Again, it was presented well, had high quality ingredients and tasted amazing. I seriously cannot fault it. I once tried paprika breadcrumbs with this dish at Jamie's Italian at Gatwick and that is what would make this AMAZING! However, I have seen that York's changed their menu the day after I visited so I obviously will be going back to see what they now have to offer.

To drink, I had Peppermint Loose Leaf Tea, which tasted beautiful and you can really taste the difference from a regular teabag.

I really like how they have a section near to the bar where there are water bottles and glasses, genius!

On the way out, we say this cute little survey on the wall, we gave them a 9.

Food - 2/5
Well made, presented well and high quality.

Dairy-free options? - 5/5
Labelled well so all allergen inducing food is known and alternatives are given.

Service - 5/5
Great accommodating staff.

Cleanliness - 5/5
Clean and tidy.

Location - 4/5
Parking can be a problem, as it is so close to Snow Hill station but you can find some eventually and it is easy to walk to.

Value for Money - 3/5
For 2 breakfasts and 2 loose leaf teas, it was around £19; which is good for the portion and quality.

Overall, I really enjoyed my experience here, the venue is in a great location, food is great, tea is great but more vegan cake options needed.

Have you tried this place? What did you think?

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