My Food Place of the Week: Marmalade

Bitter and Twisted, the people behind Bodega, Island Bar, The Jekyll and Hyde, The Victoria, The New Inn and The Rose Villa Tavern, have a new addition to their vast amount of venues in The Midlands, Marmalade. I visited the venue on a Saturday, enticed in by their 50% off offer and opportunity to discover new and unconquered ground.

The Anti-Valentine Playlist

I hate Valentine's Day, always have and always will, please note that this has always been the case whether I am in a relationship or not. I think it is a ridiculous capitalistic Hallmark holiday that has been created to apply pressure on singletons and couples alike. *End rant*

I have always loved breakup tracks, I just love the bitterness and lyrics. So with this love of bitterness, I have compiled a 28 track playlist that contains my favourite tracks, that are from various genres and genders, that made me feel amazing today and every single day.

Below is a list of the tracks.

My Food Place of the Week: Quinto Lounge

I work in Sutton Coldfield, it was Friday, I had 2 hours to spare, it was payday and I was hungry. So you can guess what I wanted, food obviously! I had seen on Full to the Brum, that a new place had just opened and it was quite close by. So the stars had lined up and conspired for me to be able to go and eat at Quinto Lounge, to see what the fuss was all about.

Workout Sites I Swear By

You're feeling motivated, now what?!
Now it's time to find the right workout for you and here are the sites, where you can find one or five.

Workout Inspiration

My Food Place of the Week: Pizza Express

I love pizza but struggle to find places that have dairy free options, however Pizza Express changed my life when they introduced a cheese free pizza, the Pianta, and allowed me to explore their menu by just asking for no cheese.

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