My Food Place of the Week: Pizza Express

I love pizza but struggle to find places that have dairy free options, however Pizza Express changed my life when they introduced a cheese free pizza, the Pianta, and allowed me to explore their menu by just asking for no cheese.

So a couple of weeks ago, I visited a branch in Birmingham's Bullring to see what the Winter warmers were on offer. My mother loves cheese and chose Melanzanine as her starter, which is described as "A mini al forno dish of layered aubergine, passata, mozzarella, garlic, basil and Gran Moravia cheese". I have to say she was overjoyed at how good this was and commented how the mixture of ingredients was absolute perfection.

For her main, she chose the Lasagna Verde, which is described as "Chargrilled vegetables, chopped capers and olives, roasted peppers, mozzarella, b├ęchamel and passata layered with green spinach pasta and baked with a spicy arrabbiata sauce and Gran Moravia cheese". This turned up to the table sizzling hot and looking very tempting. I didn't try it but it smelt beautiful and was made really well. My mother really enjoyed it and mentioned the portion was also perfect.

For my starter, I had the Leggera Gamberetti Piccante, which is described as "prawns in a passata sauce, with chilli flakes, garlic oil, spinach and santos tomatoes, finished with parsley". This dish was somewhat similar to one I have had at Bun and Bowl but lacked a little in true flavour but I added a little chilli oil to it and it had the perfect zing.

For my main, I had the Pollo ad Astra without any cheese and added broccoli instead, because it is a new ingredient that I haven't tried yet. I normally have the Pianta and add chicken to that but fancied something different because I was sick of the rocket on the pizza. I really like this but wish they would cut it into slices for you but I had a great time tearing it apart and eating it. Eating with my hands just makes it taste better for me.

I always enjoy my trips to Pizza Express and this was no exception, the service can be a tad disappointing at times but the food is always good.

Food - 4/5
Broccoli was a little overcooked and the pizza didn't have enough tomato sauce but everything was filling and tasty.

Dairy-free options? - 5/5
Best to ask about pastas and lasagnas but all pizzas are made with dairy free dough, just ask for no cheese.

Service - 4/5
Quite busy and they couldn't ensure they gave great service but the staff were friendly and tried their best.

Cleanliness - 5/5
Clean and tidy.

Location - 5/5
Based in Bullring, it is easy to get to and parking is easy to find around this area.

Value for Money - 5/5
With the 40% off voucher I had, for 2 starters and 2 mains, it came to around £19.

Have you tried this place? What did you think?

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