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For some reason, my new year always seem to start full force in February and I am hoping that this year will be no exception. On that note, one of my resolutions is to get back on my fitness regime and get my 4 pack back. I have started by having less bread, less sugar and trying to control my portions. However, working out and making the time to do this, is proving difficult. I cannot believe that I used to ensure I would workout 6 days a week and then have 1 cheat day, these days I can barely make it for one day. So in an effort to get my ass into gear, and maybe give you some inspiration, I am doing a post of pictures that motivate me.

So here goes.

First up, Tumblr inspiration

Feeling motivated? No?! Okay, keep scrolling!

Celebs That Motivate Me to Workout

Nicole Scherzinger couldn't make me more envious, just look at her! From the Buttons video to the more recent Your Love, this woman just kills me. Just watch either of those videos, you will either want to be her, be with her or just look at her.

No motivational list is complete without Rihanna. She is sexiness personified in my opinion and her body is just so tight, can you see any imperfections?! I want it, I need it, I'm getting motivated. By the way, I have no idea what she is doing in that gif but she looks good doing it!

Taken from the Get Right video, where I saw her abs in full force and was envious and in awe.

Now, I don't know what this lady has done, she may have sold her soul to the devil to remain looking so damn good but I wish she would tell, so I could copy. She just doesn't age! All hail J to the L O.

Print out the pics, save them onto your phone or just etch them into your brain, do whatever it takes.

Come back tomorrow for the best sites that show you how to workout.

We can do this!

*The gifs and pictures are not owned by me but by Google and Tumblr, thank them*

P.s - It doesn't matter how many squats I do, I will never have that Jennifer Lopez ass, wowzers. 
I cannot stop watching this gif, something is wrong with me.
A gif taken from the Im Real remix video with Ja Rule

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