Workout Sites I Swear By

You're feeling motivated, now what?!
Now it's time to find the right workout for you and here are the sites, where you can find one or five.

Just looking at these two lovely ladies, Karena and Katrina, you can see why their site is so popular. Plus the workouts are separated into sections for each part of the body, as well as music mixes, workout schedules, fitness advice and their picks of workout gear.

One of the workouts that I love to do (shown below). It's doable and if you're not wanting to die/feeling amazing at the end of it then you are too fit and I need YOU to train me!

You may know Lauren Conrad from Laguna Beach or even from The Hills, but she also has a successful website, as well as other ventures. I love her site, especially for the workout advice. This is where I learnt about Tone it Up and where I get the most inspiration for my workouts. I save the workouts onto my phone and do them at the gym or even at home.

The image below shows one of my latest finds from the site that I will be trying in due course.

*The first picture, as much as I wish it did, does not belong to me but was borrowed from Tumblr*

If you try either of these sites or if you have tried them already then feel free to comment below and tell me what you thought. Or if you try any other sites that you could recommend, then comment away!

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