My Food Place of the Week: Baders (revisited)

Back in March last year, I posted about Baders; A lebanese restaurant based in Small Heath, Birmingham. I just visited the restaurant again recently and thought I would post again because I feel my style has changed and I could be more thorough this time.

There is a lot of delicious looking pictures of food so if you weren't hungry before, you will be now.
For starters, we had two types of hummus with warm roti-like light bread. As you can see from the picture above, we couldn't wait to start eating and I always like the way it is presented. The hummus was creamy in texture, had a delicious green spicy chutney in the middle and a drizzle of oil and spice. They call the orange hummus spicy but I didn't find that it was at all.

The mains were in three parts, the first was a plate of fries, one chicken kebab, one lamb kebab and side salad. The kebabs you could tell were freshly made, moist but intact and they were spiced well. If you are scared of spice, prefer not to have alot or just avoid it due to allergies, then Lebanese food would be a great fit for you because it is lightly spiced but is still flavoursome and if you do like spice then they have the option of a green chilli chutney which is perfect of that hit of chilli. I always like the fries here because they put a lebanese spice on top of them and as they are freshly fried, it is just perfection. Even the salad is good because it contains peppers and not tomatoes, thank god.

Part two of the mains was spicy potatoes. I know they aren't the most attractive of dishes but the potatoes have a hint of chilli, coriander and peppers mixed in and they are cooked to perfection. No hard or soggy potatoes here. One of my favourite dishes to have, especially mixed with the hummus and great alternative to the fries.

The last part of the mains was lentil rice, side salad and saffron chicken, that was stuffed with peppers, coriander and spices, with potatoes. The chicken was something else! It was soft, coming straight off the bone, the saffron made it sweet but not sickly and the spices, again, were perfect. I want more just writing this. The potatoes that accompanied the chicken were in a soup and were a tad hard but really tasty.

The restaurant has 6 specials on every day and the chicken was one of the specials of the day that I visited.

I have to say that the service and food on this day was beyond amazing and I couldn't fault it.

Fyi, they didn't know that I was doing a review either.

Food - 5/5
Better than it has ever been. Great selection, varied and innovative spices.

Dairy-free options? - 5/5
No problems here.

Service - 5/5
Quick, helpful and friendly.

Cleanliness - 5/5
The waiters were on the case and ensured everything was clean and dandy.

Location - 5/5
Located in Small Heath on Coventry Rd, easily to access via public transport but you will struggle to find parking so be patient.

Value for Money - 5/5
All the food cost around £15, it overfed two people and we were very satisfied. Seriously, if Richard Gere turned up, I'd be like "no Richard, I am satisfied".

Until next week...

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