The Battle of the Dairy-Free Yoghurts!

I am always on the hunt for dairy free options, so when I saw that both Eat and Pret A Manger had great dairy free yoghurts, I had to try both and see which one came up trumps.
Eat is a new found love of mine, since I visited the branch in Brindleyplace in Birmingham, this branch has a great deal more options than the one in the Bullring. They have alot for those seeking dairy-free or vegan options and you know I had to try so I started with the yoghurt pot shown in the image below. Similar to Pret A Manger, their ethos is to freshly made organic and for customers to enjoy it, however one concept that I particularly like about Eat is that they give the unsold food to charity at the end of the day. I hate waste and like that Eat work to ensure that this doesn't happen with their food. I see they work with FareShare in London but wonder which charity they work with within Birmingham.

Eat's option was a "Mango and Passion Fruit Super Bircher", which contains oats, quinoa, dried cranberries, coconut milk, mango and passionfruit compote and smoothie. At first, I was just happy to have a dairy-free breakfast option that was porridge-like and then it contained mango and passion fruit, which are two of my favourite fruits, so this made me overly delighted. The super bircher was thick, sweet and full of amazing creamy flavour. The whole pot together reminded me of the tropics and I felt like it was a sunny day in Barcelona, whilst in fact I was in Birmingham on a cold rainy day. It was also a generous portion and only £1.99, which makes it a great option for breakfast for me. I really want to figure out how to make this, as I just want more. I don't think there is anything to improve this pot, all the flavours work well together and the portion is perfect.

Pret A Manger has always been a favourite of mine, since they always have fresh produce, on trend ingredients, such as kale, cacao and quinoa, and it isn't difficult to find a branch within Birmingham. They also give their unsold food to charities but it seems to be at a limited amount of it's branches but they also work with charities to fight homelessness. In comparison to last year, their dairy-free options have fallen considerably and this is why my allegiance is flagging and is leaning more towards Eat recently. But I was delighted to hear that they had a yoghurt pot that was dairy-free.
Pret A Manger's option was a  "Dairy-Free Coconut Yoghurt Pot", which has coconut yoghurt, cacao, candied pecans and coconut. Basically, it is a celebration of the coconut and has a quirky set of ingredients mixed into it. The top layer is crunchy and the bottom layer of the coconut yoghurt is super smooth, mixed together it becomes a great combo. This pot is priced a little higher and is a considerably smaller portion than Eat's option but it is packed full of goodness. I really liked the candied pecans and I would've just preferred that and not the coconut because that made I felt the coconut made the pot a little bitter, maybe even adding a little honey or even a strawberry coulis would have been nice too.

Eat's option has 336 calories, 9.2g fat (5g of which are saturated fat), 21.8g sugar, 5.4g fibre and 7g of protein.

Pret's option has 269 calories, 27.2g fat (19g of which are saturated fat), 2.2g sugar and 3.7g protein.

Looking at the nutritional information, Eat's option may have less fat but it has a considerably higher content of sugar. However, Pret's option has no fibre and less protein in their option. I see these yoghurt pots as an occasional treat, now I have seen this information, so I won't be worried when I go for one.

They are both good options for vegans, dairy-free eaters and those seeking something different. However, if I had to pick one, it would have to be the Mango and Passion Fruit Bircher by Eat. The portion is bigger, it is priced slightly less, the flavours are more to my liking and quinoa is great to have in the morning as it works slowly to fill you up.

Until Wednesday, my fellow foodies, over and out.

Have you tried these two? Which did you prefer?

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