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Located in the Bullring, on the upper level in between Debenhams and Gap, is the new flagship Birmingham store of Wrapchic. Wrapchic's concept is to be lunch on-the-go Indian cuisine and it is a Mumbai slang term for 'Sexy', which is pronounced 'Rap-chic' and I see it as a hybrid of Indian and Mexican. The fillings are Indian but they are presented in a typically Mexican way. Everything has an Indian theme, even the coffee.
You can see what I mean from the image above of the styles. 

The taco is the lightest option, then it is the wrap, which is half the size of the burrito and doesn't contain rice and then it is the burrito and bowl, which are the most filling options.

Now onto the fillings, of course before I can look at the fillings I need to know which of them I can actually have. Since the meat is halal, that means I don't have to worry about finding a vegetarian dairy-free option. 

I found that the Chicken Chettinad and the Mutton Madrasi were the only dairy-free options. That was a little disappointing since I really wanted to try the Chicken Mughlai, because it relates to a recipe of the Mughals (my surname and heritage) but this is more options than some other places give, so I soon got over my disappointment. 

They also allow extras, which all vary in price, I wasn't able to try their hummus but maybe next time and for those meat-loving eaters, there is even an option for extra meat. 

Dairy-free eaters can have 3 of these options - jalapenos, extra meat and hummus.

Now these sides don't show up on the allergen menu, so I am not sure which one is dairy-free, so it is definitely worth asking, I reckon the chips and nachos could be dairy-free. The Wraposa, is meant to be a breaded samosa but to me it was a mini toastie. It reminded me of lunch times where my mum would make toasties out of the leftovers, my favourite being the Keema Matar Aloo (mince, peas and potatoes) version, which Wrapchic do, as well as Bombay Aloo, Mutton Hyderabadi, Chicken Mughlai and Paneer Masala. There is also chips, wings and nachos, which all have quirky names containing wrap.

Lassi is known for being a cooling drink, best to have after you feel the burn of chilli's on your tongue and belly. It is made of milk, which means I cannot try it out but I do like the variety of flavours that Wrapchic are offering.

I was invited along to the new branch in the Bullring to try out what they have to offer.

They were very generous offering us plentiful amounts of food, first up it was the Spicy Chicken Wings and Wraposa. The chicken was marinated very well in Indian spices and it was cooked all the way through. I really enjoyed it and loved the spicy hit that it delivered.  

The Wraposas were the perfect on-the-go size, they were hot and filled plentifully. They were enjoyable but I really missed my BBQ sauce with it, I think I have an addiction.

I chose to try a bowl of the Mutton Madrasi with rice, salad and mango chutney. It was really tasty and very filling. I know it looks a little messy but it contains all you could want. I wouldn't choose this if it was for my lunch, as I felt like I wanted to go to Debenhams and take a nap on one of their beds, instead I think I would go for the wrap or taco. However, it was a great option for dinner and I will definitely be telling my friends and family about this place because not only is it halal but it is high quality also.

Have you tried it?

*I was invited along to try the food at Wrapchic but the views are my own*

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