Foodies Festival

Day 1
This time last week, Me, my mother and a whole bunch of Brummies descended upon Cannon Hill Park for the Foodies Festival. It is the first time that this festival has arrived in Birmingham and I was excited to see what would be there.

I was lucky enough to attend the festival for 2 of the 3 days that it was on and wow, there was alot to see. Of course, as soon as I arrived all I wanted to see was what COULD I get and I found I had alot of choice, surprisingly. The weather was great, the atmosphere was fun, I saw some fellow food bloggers (which is always nice) and the food... well scroll on and see for yourself!

We were going past a stall called Bombay Tapas and knew we had to try because they had Mogo Chips on their menu. Mogo Chips is quite popular with people from Africa, especially Uganda like my family are, so a personal favourite that we NEVER say no to. Alongside the Mogo Chips was a Vegetarian Samosa, Bhajia and Kachui; with a little green chutney, chilli sauce and tamarind sauce on top. The bhajia was the standout item for me, well-spiced and crispy. Was talking to the owners at the stand, my mother couldn't help but ask if they were from Africa and it turned out the lady was from Uganda and her husband was from India, hence the mix of Indian and African cuisine. What a small world!

Can you the lovely Pip and her other half holding their hands up here?

After going to Morocco last year, we always make a beeline for anything that is similar so we couldn't resist trying the this beautiful mix. They had lentils, chicken, veg, falafel and lamb dishes on offer so we got a misture of it all. It was halal and dairy-free but it wasn't very good or flavoursome but we did enjoy it at the time; I just wouldn't try it again.

I saw Churros, I saw a vegan sign and then saw they were being freshly made. So, can you guess what I did? I think the picture gives it away, just a little, but I had to try it. I have tried the churros before but it has been a couple of years and I was wondering why. They were so tasty, like serious indulging gorgeousness.

As well as food and drink, there was some decent live music. One song was even about Barcelona, always a good thing!

Day 2

The weather wasn't as good but I wanted to be in the Chef's Theatre tent for the first demo, which was with the vegan goddess Lil Miss Meat Free aka Katy.

Dhruv Baker was presenting and he was a real natural. I learnt alot from this lovely and friendly blogger, as she made a three course vegan meal!

She had made a chilli purple-sprouting broccoli, which was all gone, Beetroot Risotto and crumble that tasted and looked amazing!

This Twist-a-Chip was so good with a mix of chilli and barbeque flavourings. So simple a concept that is vegan and I could have a number of times!

I spy dairy-free cake! Just 2 but that is more then some.

Chilli Prawns from the Fillini stand, which was AMAZING and they went out of the way to ensure that it was dairy-free for me, which was much appreciated.

Halal jerk chicken, which looked amazing but I didn't sample as the portions were so small.

This was the allergen menu that the pizza place had, very impressive! We didn't try it because they don't make pizza dough but use flatbread so it didn't seem worth trying.

This was our loot. Have you smelt that Vita Coco Coconut Oil? Wow.
Stocked up on my Pip's sauces and won some Tabasco sauce. Result!

I hope the festival returns again because it was worth going to, well organised and amazing choice.

Did you go? What did you think?

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