My Food Place of the Week: Talk of the Town

It has been a while since I have done a review, due to not having tried anywhere new lately and being a tad busy with my new job, so I purposely tried this Caribbean place after the gym on Saturday.

Located in Martineau Place, just opposite Sainsbury's is Talk of the Town. It is a Caribbean takeaway and eat-in place, that serve an array of food; Ackee & Saltfish, Mutton, Oxtail, Cow Foot, Hake, Okra, Stew Peas, Calaloo, 2 types of Jerk Chicken, 3 types of chicken curry, Mutton and a host of sides.

I went for the BBQ Jerk Chicken with Veg and Rice N Peas, as well as Mutton also with Veg and Rice N Peas. I was sharing, seriously!

I paid £12.75 in total and thought that was quite reasonable, considering the amount of food but what did it taste like?

First the Mutton, it was full of flavour but I felt like it needed a little more scotch bonnet to give it a little kick but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

The BBQ Jerk Chicken was the bees knees, so good that I was sucking the bones and I never do that normally, it was just too damn tasty. You could tell it had been cooking for a while, as the flavour was embedded within the chicken and that flavour was just awesome. Slight chilli kick, with lots of body with the bbq flavour and the gravy that it was covered with elevated it into heavenly.

I have to also say that the Veg and Rice N Peas could not have been any better and I would have happily have eaten those on their own. My mum gave the chicken a 10 and the mutton a 7 and I have to agree.

Food - 5/5
Mutton was good but the Jerk Chicken, Rice N Peas and Veg were the best I have tried. I love that this place is halal and will be going back to try more.

Dairy-free options? - 4/5
Allergen Menu? No but all the food is made in-house so it shouldn't be hard to get an opinion on what to have. To be honest, I didn't ask and didn't react to anything because I am yet to see a jerk chicken recipe that has any dairy products within it.

Service - 5/5
Very friendly, gave me recommendations on what to have and talked me through the menu. Whilst I was ordering I heard a caribbean lady say the food was good, so I knew I was in for a treat. I have a rule with restaurants that if you see people that would normally have that food in there enjoying it then it is worth trying. Like seeing an Indian person in an Indian restaurant or Chinese in a Chinese restaurant etc. It may sound ridiculous but I find that if anyone that grew up with that cusine would know it well and find it's a good indicator of quality.

Cleanliness - 4/5
The place does need a little sprucing up but it has a homely atmosphere that I wouldn't hesitate to dine within next time.

Location - 5/5
Very easy to find but one of those places that you have to know is there. Shawarma City is just next door but I find there chicken is like rubber and why the hell would I go there when this is in such close proximity?!

Value for Money - 5/5
Large portion, many components and great quality so definitely worth it.

Worth trying? Definitely, especially for the Jerk Chicken.

Instagram worthy? Yes

Overall score - 5/5

Have you tried this place?

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