My Food Place of the Week - The Church

I have heard a lot, within the Brummie blogosphere, about The Church in Jewellery Quarter.

So when I had a chance to set up a meet-up with some lovely fellow bloggers, I took it as an opportunity to finally try this place out. I didn't know what to expect as I arrived into the venue, it was quite small and I can imagine it can become quite cramped. It is your typical pub but with a difference. As my blogger friends arrived, we were told that it was Meat Free Monday and that meant that it was half-price on veggie and vegan main meals, as you can imagine, this made me ridiculously happy like someone just gave me a hamper full of Charlotte Tilbury goodies.

Anyways… onto the food.

Brum Yum Yum Goes Veggie

I love street food, this will be of no surprise to you, and after the meat feast that will be Eid tomorrow, I cannot wait for the first veggie/vegan edition of Brum Yum Yum on Sunday. I really hope that this becomes  an annual event, as it is the most ideal event for me.

See you there?

My Food Place of the Week - Antep

Turkish food is definitely up there as one of my favourite cuisines, so when Antep rocked up on Ladypool Rd, I knew it had to be tested. Especially as I was hearing only good things about the place, I knew I had to stick my two-pence in too.

Blending vs Juicing - What's The Difference?

As well as trying out The Detox Kitchen and going on a foodie adventure around London, my original intention was to attend a Blending vs Juicing event. Anyone that knows me, knows my blender and I have a special relationship; so they won't be surprised that I attended such an event with a curiosity and vigor as to what I would learn.

My Food Place of the Week - The Detox Kitchen (London Special)

First off, let me apologise for being MIA on the blog lately. There is no excuse because I know a whole host of bloggers that work and blog but I just haven't been keeping to my blogging schedule, I know naughty Tasha. It seems blogging and working full-time is alot more difficult than I had previously thought. Plus, it is now the month of Ramadhan, so it is all pretty hectic. But here I am, sitting inside the house on a Saturday with 10 posts to write and with Jhene Aiko blaring. So, bring on the blogging bunge!

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