Blending vs Juicing - What's The Difference?

As well as trying out The Detox Kitchen and going on a foodie adventure around London, my original intention was to attend a Blending vs Juicing event. Anyone that knows me, knows my blender and I have a special relationship; so they won't be surprised that I attended such an event with a curiosity and vigor as to what I would learn.

The event was held by Joe Bloggers and Curry/PC World; with a talk from the founder of Raw and Juicy, Stephanie Morgan. As the bloggers arrived, we were welcomed with food and drink (wraps and Vita Coco cartons), as well as blenders, juicers and a mass of fruit and veg. By the time we all eaten, it was time for the talk from Stephanie.

It was really informative to learn about why juicing and blending is actually good for you and how differently our bodies respond to them both. Juicing removes the fibre within fruit and vegetables, thus allowing for easy digestion and faster absorption because the body doesn't have to do any work to digest it. Blending, however, allows you to have more the nutrients but is slowly absorbed by the body, probably why most people will blend a smoothie for their morning boost and if you were doing a detox then you would opt for juicing. Both of these methods allows you to absorb a load of nutrients at one time, I mean how else could you have a whole watermelon?! Another interesting concept that Stephanie spoke about was an alkaline diet. She suggested that for any meal, there should be 80% alkaline and 20% acid, this will allow for good digestion. Meat, water, dairy and food which have natural sugars are acidic based, whereas greens and vegetables are not.Taking a banana, for instance, it starts green (alkaline state) and then slowly goes yellow (acid state). This diet is definitely something I want to try in future but I know it will be difficult not having an overripe banana in my smoothies.

There was a impressive amount of fruit on show at the event, all of which was used.

Whilst we were waiting to make the smoothies, we were given a little demo.

We were able to use both the juicers and blenders (supplied by Curry's/PC World) to make the smoothies, because obviously you cannot juice a banana.

Overall, I really enjoyed this event as it gave me a insight into why juicing/blending is good for you and the difference between the two. The blender in the picture above is most definitely on my wish list, as not only is it super fast but all the parts separate so you can clean it and it crushes ice, genius! I guess that is my birthday present to myself sorted!

Many thanks to Joe's Bloggers for the invite and the great event!

More details of the event here

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