My Food Place of the Week - The Detox Kitchen (London Special)

First off, let me apologise for being MIA on the blog lately. There is no excuse because I know a whole host of bloggers that work and blog but I just haven't been keeping to my blogging schedule, I know naughty Tasha. It seems blogging and working full-time is alot more difficult than I had previously thought. Plus, it is now the month of Ramadhan, so it is all pretty hectic. But here I am, sitting inside the house on a Saturday with 10 posts to write and with Jhene Aiko blaring. So, bring on the blogging bunge!

In early June, I was lucky enough to be invited to a Blending vs Juicing Event (post to be published on Friday) and I used this as an excuse to have a mini foodie tour around London. I thought I would plan where to go and what to do but I didn't get a chance and I am really glad I didn't. All I knew was that I was going to hit Oxford Street first and then go to Soho. Whilst in Soho, I stumbled across The Detox Kitchen. I follow them on Instagram, after coming across them on Millie Mackintosh's page; so I knew that was the perfect place for lunch. It is very en vogue at the moment in London to have healthy eateries but the reviews online can be a tad lacklustre. I say this because The Detox Kitchen barely had anything online, whereas The Good Life Eatery has a whole host but they were very critical and negative. I would love to know what Londoners think, have you tried both? What is your preference?

The kitchen is located within Kingly Court, it is a quaint little shop that has space inside and outside to sit. I got there when it was quiet and chilled but once I had my order, there was a load of workers on their lunch. A lot of people were ordering the Matcha Latte or juices, which is what they are famous for, and of course their healthy salads.

To be honest with you, when I saw all this I just wanted it all. True to form, that is exactly what I did. I got a little of everything with the Stuffed Aubergine as my main dish and Beetroot Brownie as my dessert to take away.

The Beetroot & Raw Cacao Brownies with a raspberry in the center.

What I like about The Detox Kitchen is that it is dairy-free, refined sugar-free, wheat-free and meat-free. As you can tell by the name of the place, it is intended to offer healthy foods that aid you in losing weight, of course it isn't solely going to help you achieve your goals but it is good wholesome food that looks good but did it taste good?


Everything had it's own taste and flavour, with all the ingredients working well together to create an explosion for my tastebuds. I seriously wish there was a Detox Kitchen in Birmingham, I swear I would go nowhere else. I especially liked the aubergine, it was served cold with soya yoghurt and pomegranate. The flesh of the aubergine was meaty and the stuffed worked well with it and with all the salads I had.
Food - 5/5
I loved the food. How innovative the ingredients were, how the flavours worked well together and how it proves that being healthy doesn't mean it has to be a world of boring, bland, grey food.

Dairy-free options? - 5/5
Everything was dairy-free, so an allergen menu wasn't needed, heaven for me basically.

Service - 5/5
Friendly staff that knew about what they were selling and were helpful in any assistance I needed. The Detox Kitchen has a very chilled out homely vibe, which is due to the staff, decor and layout of the kitchen.

Cleanliness - 5/5
Clean, tidy and not a piece of furniture out of place.

Location - 4/5
I found it difficult to find as I thought it was in the middle of Kingly Court and after seeing it on the map, I knew I didn't want to try anywhere else. But as I was about to leave and try somewhere else, it was there on one of the exit routes of the court. I like the layout of the cafe/kitchen. It is very minimalist, clean looking, white and airy. A place I could see Gwyneth Paltrow frequenting perhaps.

Value for Money - 5/5
I had 6 salads, 1 main and a brownie to take away, this came up to just under £14. Which I thought was reasonable for the portion and for London prices.

Worth trying? Definitely, if you want to see what London's healthy scene is like.

Instagram worthy? Yes!

Have you tried The Detox Kitchen? What did you think? Is it better or worse than The Good Life Eatery?

Keep scrolling to seeing the rest of my foodie adventures in London.

Friday = the ultimate battle.
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