Brum Yum Yum Goes Veggie

Street food markets have become super popular in Birmingham but sometimes it can be hard for this dairy-free halal meat veggie-loving chick to find something to eat, so I rejoiced at the thought of a street food market that was solely veggie/vegan. It took place on the 19th July at The Kings Heath Village Square, with vendors The Vegan Grindhouse, Pietanic, Bare Bones Pizza, Bombay Tapas, 9 Tea Cups, Mex It Up and Vegetropolis in attendance there.

I attended the event at around 3pm and by then a couple of the vendors have sold out of food, with Pietantic left with nothing and The Vegan Grindhouse left with no hot food. But what was on offer was great to see and try.

It is always nice to see some organic fruit and veg, so it was good to see Vegetropolis at the food fest. With a stall that was all about the quality and not quantity. I mean, look at those colours in the image below!
Being lactose intolerant means I take up any chance to try vegan baked goods, so I jumped at the chance to try 9 Tea Cups. A Redditch based bakery that wants to raises money to give back to the community and to help who they can. Reading their website, I saw that the team all suffer from allergies/intolerances, hence why their products are gluten-free and dairy-free, sounds like my kind of team. 

I tried a Paleo cookie (shown in the image on the left), which contained cacao nibs, raisons and almonds. It was chewy and oh so tasty. They call them their "Caveman Cookie" and I can see why, I could live them easily!

Now this is a Blood Orange Sicilian Almond Cake, that reminded me a lot of a jaffa cake. It was soft, chewy, tasty with a hint of orange. Writing this, I want another one.

I haven't heard of Mex It Up before either, so I knew it had to be tried. We went for the fully loaded nachos. It had cheese, bbq pulled jackfruit, 3 beans chilli, avo salad, sour cream and obviously nachos. Wow is the only word to describe this, I literally wiped the plate clean. Having such a mixture of things that I can't normally find elsewhere was amazing and I took full advantage. The added bonus being that is tasted damn good.

 Last but not least is Vegan Grindhouse (VG), my old favourite. I wanted to have their Mac n Cheese again and have my mum try it but they had run out, understandably so, so I went for a Ice Cream Sundae. I chose Rocky Road and Caramel Crunch with choc sauce and choc chips. Hmmm... VG never go wrong, in my opinion.
*Many thanks to the team at VG for looking after me and I sincerely hope that this becomes a monthly event, as I loved it and I know many others did too.*

Did you attend? What did you think of it?

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