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You may have seen that I was AWOL from the blog a couple months ago, well I wasn't just sitting on my ass, eating hummus, oh no my friend, I was writing elsewhere (sorry for cheating).
Quite exciting for me because it was for TimeOut Birmingham.

Check it out peeps -

I like to take time out sometimes, go for dinner alone and really taste my food. Where I don't have to feel guilty for being on my phone or for staring out the window and to talk to the waiter/waitress when I feel a tad lonely. So I compiled a list of my favourite places to do this in Birmingham. Where the food is Instagram-worthy, the staff are friendly and the surrounding are cosy. Pure perfection.

It's Wednesday night, there is nothing to eat or make at home and you are so friggin' hungry, you could eat a horse or 3 tubs of coconut meat for the vegans/veggies. So what do you do? Well you go out to dinner obviously. But where?! Well that is what this list is for. An easy and quick guide that make Birmingham's food scene worth frequenting.

Anything you would add to these lists?

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