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Hi folks!

This week is special for Birmingham, as not only has the new Birmingham New Street opened but it also marks the opening of Grand Central and John Lewis today (Thursday 24th Sept).

But what I am most excited for is the new food places that this will bring into the city, not only now but in the next couple of months.

My Food Place of the Week: MyLahore

MyLahore is a franchise that is based in Manchester, Bradford, Leeds and now Birmingham. The Birmingham branch opened in February this year and has been flooded with people ever since. But how will it fare in a Nutella Tasha review? Read on and see, my young padawans (yes I just made a Star Wars reference. I'm excited for the new movie).

Ten Commandments for Freshers

My cousin is off to university soon and it had me wondering what advice I would have given myself before I had gone to university seven years ago (yes, I am frigging old, don't you dare say it!). This advice prompted me to come up with Ten Commandments for this year's freshers, including my cousin of course.

1. Try to work hard AND play hard

Earn it and it will feel so much better

My Food Place of the Week: Gas Street Social

 If you follow me on IG then you would have seen that I visited Gas Street Social and had a disastrous experience where I double checked if a dish was dairy-free and then it arrived with dairy in it. So, I wanted to try Gas Street Social again, with an open mind, to make a through decision about the place.

Henry Wong Harbourne VIP Food Bloggers Dinner

Hi foodies! Apologies for the week's absence but I have been super busy pretending I am a glamazon at my cousin's wedding but I am now back at it, with a cold and 50-cigs-a-day sounding cough.

Throwback to a couple weeks ago when I had the pleasure of attending a bloggers event at Henry Wong in Harbourne. I was having one of those days where everything was going wrong, I was running late and I couldn't find anything to wear, I tried on my whole wardrobe and nearly cancelled, who have I become?! So a dinner at a new place with some familiar friendly faces was exactly what the doctor ordered.

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