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This week is special for Birmingham, as not only has the new Birmingham New Street opened but it also marks the opening of Grand Central and John Lewis today (Thursday 24th Sept).

But what I am most excited for is the new food places that this will bring into the city, not only now but in the next couple of months.

So, I thought I would do a little round-up of the top 7 food places that I am most excited for, see if you agree.

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Vietnamese restaurants are few and far between in Birmingham and I came across this chain when I recently visited Westfield. I didn't get to try it, but damn did it smell good. I've heard good things, so it is at the top of the list. I like the fact the food is light and especially want to try the Bún tôm Huế, Cà-ri and Tofu and Mushroom Bun Noodles.

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I was lucky enough to give Tortilla a try yesterday, at their soft launch, and I have to say that I was highly impressed. Their ingredients are fresh, there is a lot of choice for a fussy lactose-intolerant like me, their chicken is halal, everything is spiced fantastically well and when they say their salsa is hot, they mean it. You basically need to try this place, ASAP!

Tapas Revolution

After trying out tapas in Barcelona, I can finally see what the fuss is about and as Tapas Revolution also serve paella, I feel that this is the perfect place to recreate my Barcelona holiday vibe. It will most likely make me want to revisit my favourite Catalonian city, with a detour in Madrid obviously. I especially want to try the whole fish section, yes I am serious, and vegetable section, I ain't frontin' I can eat.


I used to frequent Giraffe regularly, when I was at uni in Bristol, and loved their breakfast when I was at Heathrow Airport, so it has always irked me as to why there is not a branch in Birmingham and there was one only in Solihull. I remember their burgers being ace and their mexican breakfast being fantastical. Looking at the menu now, I love that they have a bun-less burger range, heaven, and a Goan Seafood Curry on it. I look forward to re-trying Giraffe and finding out as to whether it is as good as I remember. Also, I want to start recollecting their mini giraffes that they put in each drink, they are so cute and the lankiness reminds me of myself.

Joe and the Juice

The Juices in Barcelona are above and beyond those available in Birmingham, more about this in a post very soon. I have tried Joe and the Juice whilst in Solihull and remember my mother cringing because her juice was called "Sex Me Up" and she had to say it out loud. Hilarious. The juice was mediocre so I look forward to seeing if it can compete with the best in Barcelona.

Bill's Restaurant

Bill's is a blogger favourite that I frequented a couple years ago in London and remember loving their falafel and hummus burger and sweet potato fries. I have heard really great things about their breakfast too but I wonder how much they cater to those on a dairy-free diet and I look forward to finding out. This is not within Grand Central but is due to open in Mango's old location in the Bullring, date tbc.

Chi Kitchen

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Debenhams seem to be on their way up in the world, with a refurbishment of their beauty and fragrance floor being most noteworthy, and are due to open pan-asian restaurant Chi Kitchen in their vicinity today also. They will be serving crispy chilli squid, shown in image above, I wonder how it will fare against Wagamama's? I haven't been able to see a menu for this place yet but I am most definitely intrigued.

And that is it folks, what restaurants are you looking forward to opening?

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