My Food Place of the Week: Gas Street Social

 If you follow me on IG then you would have seen that I visited Gas Street Social and had a disastrous experience where I double checked if a dish was dairy-free and then it arrived with dairy in it. So, I wanted to try Gas Street Social again, with an open mind, to make a through decision about the place.
It was a Wednesday evening, I was marvin and food was all I could think about. The atmosphere was good, there was a constant flow of customers and everyone looked happy. We perused the menu and saw that the options for veggies/dairy-free wasn't extensive but there was still options there that I was interesting to try.

I ordered Octopus Salad, Sweet Potato Fries, Salt and Pepper Squid, Mini Fish and Chips and the Superfood Salad. Basically everything I could have!
I can't say that I have tried octopus multiple times but it is a flavour and look that always intrigues me so of course I wanted to try it as soon as I saw it on the menu. It has a quite chewy texture but it takes on flavour easily and took on lemon flavour that complimented it well. I liked the addition of radish, lettuce and cucumber in this salad but I felt too much lemon had been put into this because at the bottom it was full of water that had made the whole salad soggy, which had made some of the veg diminish in flavour. If that was rectified then it would be a firm favourite.

Ever since I tried sweet potato fries at Bodega, I have been in love with this type of fries. And I have to say that Gas Street Social's offering is great, especially with some barbeque sauce. Loving the cast iron mini dish it is served in.

I love squid of all kinds and this salt and pepper flavour was beautiful with the aioli. I would have this anytime anywhere. The flavour didn't overpower the squid but worked alongside it well and the aioli was the perfect accompaniment.

The chips were great but similar to my experience at Coast to Coast, the fish had a soggy bottom and was not cod but maybe haddock which made it chewy but did not have that melt in your mouth consistency. But it was presented well in an cast iron dish with a wedge of lemon.

I love a good salad but this was just ok. It had some great ingredients but the thing that irked me was that the kale was not cooked, which made it overly difficult to chew and eat in general. If it had been pan fried for a couple minutes, left to cool and then served, I think it would be a salad that I would love.

Overall, I like this venue and if I ever have a craving for squid then this would be my first choice to satisfy my craving.

Food - 3/5

Dairy-free options? - 4/5
They have an allergen menu, which is laid out well and the workers are very well informed.

Service - 5/5
Friendly, knowledgeable and faultless.

Cleanliness - 5/5

Location - 4/5

Value for Money - 4/5

Worth trying? Yes

Instagram worthy? Yes

Overall - 4/5

This meal was complimentary due to my previous experience at the venue but due to me mixing up the days, I was able to get a genuine experience and their customer service is one of the best I have experienced. Thank you to Gas Street Social.

*Just because my meal was complimentary does not mean I have to be nice about it*

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