Henry Wong Harbourne VIP Food Bloggers Dinner

Hi foodies! Apologies for the week's absence but I have been super busy pretending I am a glamazon at my cousin's wedding but I am now back at it, with a cold and 50-cigs-a-day sounding cough.

Throwback to a couple weeks ago when I had the pleasure of attending a bloggers event at Henry Wong in Harbourne. I was having one of those days where everything was going wrong, I was running late and I couldn't find anything to wear, I tried on my whole wardrobe and nearly cancelled, who have I become?! So a dinner at a new place with some familiar friendly faces was exactly what the doctor ordered.

Located just opposite Sabai Sabai on Harbourne High St is Henry Wong. I haven't been here before but I was impressed by the plush surroundings and layout.

Onto the good bit now, the food! I had five courses in total, others may have had more and they were very accommodating to the fact I had a dietary requirement. First off for the hors d'oeuvres, was a Trio of King Prawns, shown above. I love prawns and I liked how each prawn on this plate had a distinctly different flavour, honey pepper, black pepper and garlic glazes, and you could tell the prawns were of the best quality because they were fat and juicy. I also liked how it was served with garlic and vinegar sauce, raspberries, cucumber and sesame spinach. Definitely worth trying if you love prawns.

Next, it was Pan Fried Scallops with garlic and vinegar sauce. This was to-die-for, panko breadcrumbs are amazing because there are so fine and it allows the scallops to be soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. I also liked how this was served on the plate.

This was my favourite of the night, Sweet Chilli Seabass. It was just beautiful and I loved it with the pineapple rice and I just could not stop eating this. It was slightly sticky and crunchy at the same time, there was also chunky pieces of seabass that just made this dish first class and one I would go back for.

Garlic and Chilli Water Chestnuts is a dish that is completely new to me but I can understand why many people love it. It was made with garlic and chilli and I liked how it had a surprising soft texture. I thought it would be something quite tough to eat but it was soft and the pieces were bitesize, I am not afraid to say that these were finished quickly, with some help from my fellow blogger friends of course.

Lastly, it was all about the dessert and what a dessert it was. There was fresh fruit, which consisted of lychee, papaya, watermelon, strawberries and cherries (which were within the ice sculpture), I never realised how much better cherries would taste if they were chilled.

As well as mango and lychee fritters that were served with ice-cream/sorbet. I preferred the mango fritters, as I think they worked well with the batter. Overall, this is my kind of dessert and I just couldn't get enough. The fruit was well presented, fresh and in perfect bite size pieces.

I loved this dinner at Henry Wong and I hope to visit the restaurant again very soon. It would make a great place for a date night or for a birthday dinner.

Thank you to Sarah and Kevin, as well as the team at Henry Wong for this great dinner.

This dinner may be complimentary but that does not mean my views have to be.

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