My Food Place of the Week: MyLahore

MyLahore is a franchise that is based in Manchester, Bradford, Leeds and now Birmingham. The Birmingham branch opened in February this year and has been flooded with people ever since. But how will it fare in a Nutella Tasha review? Read on and see, my young padawans (yes I just made a Star Wars reference. I'm excited for the new movie).

First off, parking is atrocious and very difficult to get, so get there early. Also, it is always busy so make sure to book ahead or be prepared to wait.

Okay, now onto the food.

We had a main each and shared a starter. We decided to go for a Combo Platter, which comprises of a meat and a chicken seekh kebab, a lamb chop, chicken pakora and meat samosa. The seekh kebabs were both tender, the chicken one was slow cooked well, slightly pink on the lamb one for my taste but both tasted great. The samosa was soggy on the inside and in a big gloop, AVOID! The pakora was a tad dry but the lamb chop was a star of the show. Beautifully spiced, well cooked to perfection and quite meaty. Next time, I want a plate of chops!

Onto my mains, I chose the Chicken Szechuan with peri-peri fries and salad. The fries were crispy and warm and the peri-peri sprinkle on top was the pièce de résistance. Basically, the fries are to die-for and I could really do with some right now. Anyone want to get me some?! The chicken on the other hand was a tad too sweet and quite hot, considering I went for medium spices, but the chicken pieces were of a good size and the portion in general was more than generous. I wouldn't have this again but I could see the work that had gone into it and it gave me a good inkling of what the other dishes would be like.

Overall, I enjoyed my experience at MyLahore but more so for the service, which has been organised very well. I particularly like the way that the food arrives. 2 members of staff present you with the food, one to ensure that it is correct and if you need anything else, and the other to physically put your food on the table. They are so busy that this method ensures that everyone gets the right order and in a timely fashion; something that other busy restaurants tend to get wrong.

Food - 4/5

Dairy-free options? - 3/5
All allergens are listed on the menu so it is easy to order but I found it difficult as the choice isn't extensive but after receiving recommendations from my cousin, I know what to look out for now. Let's just hope it is dairy-free.

Service - 5/5
Fast and friendly

Cleanliness - 5/5

Location - 3/5
Easy to find but ridiculous to get parking at

Value for Money - 5/5
2 mains and 1 starter came up to around 22 pounds. Pretty good value for money considering the portion size and quality ingredients.

Worth trying? Yes

Instagram worthy? Yes

Overall - 25/30

Have you visited MyLahore? What dish would you recommend?
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*We paid for this meal ourselves, no one else did, we are independent women after all*

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