It's Time for a Revolution

When you think of Revolution, the last thing you think about is good quality food, well at least I don't. I think of my post-student days, when I thought of Vodka Revolution (it's old name) was used as the ideal pre-drinking place or somewhere to frequent for a cheap drink and a catch-up. But as I detailed in last review of the bar back in August, it is no longer a tacky drinking place but more of a classy bar to have lunch or a drink in with friends.

Byzantium or just Tapas for my Mum?

Hidden away in the suburbs of Birmingham, Kings Heath to be exact, is Byzantium, a Greek, North African and Spanish tapas eatery. I was invited along to the launch of their upper room and it was my first to this restaurant. I was surprised that I had ever overlooked this place, especially as I have been to Kings Heath many times before but never come across it. The launch of the upper room allowed me to get acquainted to a small selection of the food that was available at the restaurant but I was invited to try out the restaurant properly, with a sit down meal with my mother.

It's all Sabai Sabai

It always adds extra pleasure to be invited to a restaurant you already adore and like, especially when you don't get to go there as much as you would like. So being invited to the Moseley branch of Sabai Sabai to try out their Christmas menu attracted that exact emotion. I was invited to their 10 year anniversary last year, which led to me winning a complimentary dinner at the restaurant in the raffle that was held that night, which was amazingly good and not only opened up my world to the culinary delight that is Thai Food but to Sweetcorn Cakes too.

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