It's Time for a Revolution

When you think of Revolution, the last thing you think about is good quality food, well at least I don't. I think of my post-student days, when I thought of Vodka Revolution (it's old name) was used as the ideal pre-drinking place or somewhere to frequent for a cheap drink and a catch-up. But as I detailed in last review of the bar back in August, it is no longer a tacky drinking place but more of a classy bar to have lunch or a drink in with friends.

I was invited to the bar/restaurant to try out their new Autumn/Winter Food Menu and after the great experience I had in August, I couldn't wait. I ordered from the "Little Ones" menu because there wasn't much choice for someone with dairy-free restrictions and I had already tried the Bean Dreamin' burger. This time I tried the Calamari, Houmous and Sweet Potato Wedges, especially as the 3 dishes were for £10. The Calamari, shown above, had a nice batter but I found the pieces were a little too small for me to really get my teeth into. I like calamari to be in big meaty chunks.

The Houmous was served with long slices of peppers and carrots and warm pitta bread. A very simple concept that was executed well and served on rather fetching plates. The houmous was seasoned with black pepper and oil, it was the right consistency, it was creamy and tasty, but a touch of paprika would have taken this from bland to a touch of spicy. I liked the veg and how the dish was served over two plates, I would definetly go back for this for lunch.

Lastly, I tried the Sweet Potato Wedges. The first time I went to Revolution, the wedges were stunning. Double fried, crispy but soft and I just couldn't get enough. However, I was in a rush to get back to work and didn't get a photo that would suffice so I visited again. The above photo shows an image of the wedges that was very different to my first organised visit. They were oily, too soft and just awful looking. I couldn't eat them, they were just a soggy mess and asked for them to be taken away. 

Overall, I enjoyed the service I received on both of my visits but I was very disappointed with the last dish and I would be intrigued to see what people thought of the food at Revolution and whether it good like my first visit or mediocre like my second.

Location is central
Good value for money
Portions are well sized
Allergen Menu is available
Service is great

Parking may be tricky
Quality may vary on each visit
Not very many dairy-free options

Have you tried any of these dishes at Revolution? Do you agree with my opinion?

More information available here -

**Thank you to Taylah at Revolution for the invite and to the staff for looking after me**

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