My Top 5 Birmingham Restaurants

There are those days where you want to go out for dinner or lunch but where the hell do you go? Well these 5 eateries are my favourite places to go to whenever that feeling hits. They always deliver great food (awesome vegan/dairy-free/halal options), top-notch service and are located in a convenient place.

Veganuary and Me

January occurs at the beginning of every year and is seen as the time to start something new, whether it be a new habit or lifestyle. This is why the Vegan Society have named January "Veganuary", where you go vegan for the month. It can be for any reason, they are endless, you take that pledge and give it your all for the month.

Guess Whose Back, Back Again?

Hi all!

I know there has been a radio silence from me for a while, for which I apologise, but life has been hectic recently and the blogging world has just become slightly tedious, for me anyway.

I didn't want to write anything half-assed so decided to wait until inspiration hit me, that has now happened! I now have a mountain of ideas and the time to execute them well. In the meantime I have been enjoying using my Instagram accounts to the fullest and now that it is lighter for longer outside, the accounts are constantly updated. Did you know I had a beauty Instagram account? Well now you do.

If you know me then you will know that I have been working for the past year as a Social Media Executive, which I did love at the beginning but began to loathe, so it was bittersweet that exactly a year after I started within that role, my job got made redundant. But don't feel sorry for me, I am happy to be moving onto bigger and better things in my life.

It got me thinking of job searching rituals, a friends of mine mentioned his was to watch American Beauty, mine is normally to concentrate on a select few roles and edit my CV to suit. What's yours?

Until the next time

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