Guess Whose Back, Back Again?

Hi all!

I know there has been a radio silence from me for a while, for which I apologise, but life has been hectic recently and the blogging world has just become slightly tedious, for me anyway.

I didn't want to write anything half-assed so decided to wait until inspiration hit me, that has now happened! I now have a mountain of ideas and the time to execute them well. In the meantime I have been enjoying using my Instagram accounts to the fullest and now that it is lighter for longer outside, the accounts are constantly updated. Did you know I had a beauty Instagram account? Well now you do.

If you know me then you will know that I have been working for the past year as a Social Media Executive, which I did love at the beginning but began to loathe, so it was bittersweet that exactly a year after I started within that role, my job got made redundant. But don't feel sorry for me, I am happy to be moving onto bigger and better things in my life.

It got me thinking of job searching rituals, a friends of mine mentioned his was to watch American Beauty, mine is normally to concentrate on a select few roles and edit my CV to suit. What's yours?

Until the next time

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