My Top 5 Birmingham Restaurants

There are those days where you want to go out for dinner or lunch but where the hell do you go? Well these 5 eateries are my favourite places to go to whenever that feeling hits. They always deliver great food (awesome vegan/dairy-free/halal options), top-notch service and are located in a convenient place.

The Warehouse Cafe
Love this place. The food, the location, the warehouse feel on the outside but cosy feeling on the inside and the friendly and amazing staff, have me going back regularly.

Yes it is a chain but their Yasai Pad Thai, tofu and chilli squid are always a winner! I would highly recommend the Bullring branch in Birmingham, their tofu is always done to perfection, no sponges here.

When this place first turned up in Birmingham, I was skeptical about it's hype, especially as my cousin loves it so much. But after trying their Veg Soumen, I get it. Their sushi isn't as good as Sushi Passion but it is great for a on-the-go snack.

Istanbul Grill House
A local treasure of mine that does the most amazing falafel and hummus. Plus the prices are amazing!

Digbeth Dining Club

I recently discovered Cafe Horchata, who do the most amazing Baja Cauliflower tacos! This is as well as Esmie's, Becky's Bhaji's, Spectacular Goat and Bare Bones Pizza  that always deliver!

I love these places and I frequent them ALOT!

But there are quite a few places that may be on this list very soon for me. Such as the newly opened 3 Three's Coffee Lounge, which serves only vegetarian and vegan options. I only brought a oat and raisin cookie to takeaway but the options were overwhelmingly good. There was a vast amount of vegan cakes, sandwiches, chocolates and even milks. I think it will become my new heaven, you will probably already know that if you follow me on IG. I love Cherry Red's too, for it's vegan cakes and relaxed vibe, it feels like you're home. Fargos Food Factory would have been in the list itself but it was underwhelming last time I visited but I hope the next time I go, they step their game up to their amazing glory. Lastly, I would like to mention Yakinori in Selly Oak. It is just ace! I have only been once so that is why they are not in the list but the vegan option there of Yasai Kokonatsu was to die for. Green goodness for sure!

And that's it folks!

What's your top 5?

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