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I love pizza, I seriously do. I went through of period of being super healthy and hardly having it and now I do the complete opposite and am looking for the best place in Birmingham that offers vegan pizza, that is good in every way. So you can imagine my excitement when I saw that The Stable were looking for Birmingham Bloggers on Twitter to join them for a bloggers event.I haven't previously dined in The Stable but I have heard good things and was told that they now even offer vegan cheese, YES!

It was nice to see a bunch of my blogger friends on a sunny Sunday afternoon to make pizza and get to know what The Stable is all about. It's located on John Bright St, where Puro used to be, and joins the likes of Turtle Bay, Cherry Red's, The Victoria and Brewdogs aka Hipster Mecca.
I have made pizza before, to some really bad results so I was intrigued to see how this would work. Lucarily they had done the base and sauce already and left us to put the toppings on and the rest. They gave us free reign on the pizzas, so I basically chose every veg I love, which was sweet potato, spinach, mushroom, red pepper and vegan cheese. I tried to be as neat as possible, I now think I missed my calling as a pizza maker, don't you think? I like how thin the base was but yet it carried the sauce and ingredients so well, I was told this was because it is sourdough based, genius!

Overall, I was really impressed with The Stable. With how well their vegan cheese melted, how crispy, thin and delicious the base was, the knowledge the staff had, how nice the branch was and the fact they have 80 types of cider, yes 80! I cannot wait to go back soon and share how good this place is with friends, family and all those in between!

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