London Food Diary

A couple of months ago, my mother and I visited London to have a little foodie adventure and to have a look around Warner Bros. Studio Tour: The Making of Harry Potter. Which was amazing, if you have been already then you know of its brilliance and if you haven't, then you need to go!

I visited the cafe within the studios, which had one vegan option. It was soup and bread, which was tasty and enough to get rid of the hunger pangs. However, I would recommend taking a packed lunch because the prices are high!

If you follow me on any form of social media, you know that I have a heavy liking for hummus (and for saying "I got the hummus!"), so I had to visit Hummus Bros after going past it in Soho. I went for a hummus bowl with falafel and sundried tomatoes, which also came with pitta bread, my mum ordered the same bowl and a bowl of tzatziki (shown in the second image). The pitta bread was so good that we even ordered some to take home. Beautifully soft, flavoursome and just melted in your mouth. I want some now. The hummus was also good but nowhere near to how good the Turkish/Lebenese places in Birmingham do it! Everything was really easy for me to find out whether it was vegan or not and the staff were super friendly. Overall, I highly recommended this place but the mainstream chain feeling spoiled it for me slightly and made me yearn for my local Lebanese place in Birmingham.

We visited Vapianos for the first time two years ago after a recommendation from my cousin and just fell in love. The premise of the restaurant is quite interesting. There are three main stations: Pizza, Pasta and Salad, you order your choice from the menu and get it freshly made from the chefs at the station. I like how it is completely customised to you, can't have dairy? No problem. Want a particular type of pasta? Choose from an array of fresh pasta that is boiled there and then. It is a heaven for a carb-lover! We went to the Soho branch which was relaxed, large and in a great location. I want to go back! We need one in Birmingham!

After a few days of eating very unhealthy, yet happily, we decided we needed something healthy and tasty. I did a little research and found out about Kin Cafe in Fitzrovia, so we jumped on the tube and off we went. It's located a little out of the way but not hard to find. The options are always vegetarian with some amazing vegan options, that are changed daily. I went for the Polenta Bake with three salads, which were all vegan, it was slightly pricey but  tasty and you could tell it was made from high-quality produce. I then saw there were vegan desserts on offer and I just couldn't not try one. I went for the Chocolate and Avocado Cake, which was creamy, slightly crumbly but so delicious! I haven't had chocolate cake in so long, that this just tasted so DAMN good. I loved this place, it's the kind of place that I would happily regularly visit and made me want to move to London so bad.

I have come across Ms. Cupcake before but never tried anything out, so I was in Brixton, so I knew I had to visit the shop. I went for four cupcakes and cookie sandwich. You can't even tell that these are vegan! Thoroughly enjoyed the sugary goodness that Ms.Cupcake offers.

This place was slightly disappointing. I love the fact that a plant-based ice-cream shop is in London is in my favourite borough (Soho). I haven't had dairy ice-cream in around 3 years but I would prefer to go to Snowflake and have their stunning papaya sorbet than go to Yorica. Very disappointing but I am glad I tried it.

What did you think of my London Food Diary? Where should I go next time?

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